Friday, June 10, 2011

"Bar" times

It is hard to believe it has already been two weeks, and I'll be graduating from the bartending school soon. I counted how many recipes I've had to learn during this time. It is 104 that we had to know, and an additional 74 that go into our recipe file box. These drinks aren't as popular around here, so we didn't have to know them for memorization.

On Monday, I'll take my written final. Then, depending on how I feel, I may or may not take the speed round test. I think I wrote it wrong in the last post I talked about it. It is 12 drinks in 8 minutes. I practiced a good bit yesterday and had someone time me. I was right at 12 when the buzzer went off, having had a glass in my hand. The rule is as long as you have a glass or bottle in your hand when the time runs out, you are allowed to finish the drink. Seriously, it is nerve racking! There are no more open bars (practice times) for this weekend either.

Once the speed round test is over and provided you pass everything, then they will help you with job placement which will be helpful. Though I think bartending can definitely be a good job, I am so worried about being in the real world of it. I know it i just like starting anything new, but still, there is a lot involved.

So I mentioned in my last post about this guy (A--I'm only giving him an initial since there are multiple people I'll be mentioning) there. I don't know too much about him other than his age, that he used to work in corporate America as a business developer, that he is into rock climbing, likes animals, used to drink but doesn't now, has nice handwriting, and is apparently a smoothie drinker. The last two things are what started our conversations--me noticing he had nice handwriting for a guy. Then, we began talking about other things, including what we ate for breakfast. He said he has smoothies every morning, and I said (jokingly of course) that he did not look like a smoothie drinker. Since then, he still says that phrase to me with a bit of a smirk.

Then, today, we (me, A., and another girl who is also graduating next week) had the most funny laugh. Another guy at the school (he was a week ahead of us) apparently has been texting A. He and A. had talked briefly, because they were wanting to work at the same place. A. gave this other guy his number. Well, this other guy texted A. 42 times yesterday, asking questions very typical of what a girl or someone wanting to be in a relationship might ask. A. was really surprised by this, because he does not know this guy from adam.

So we are not sure of this guy's intention, so A. thought about putting his arm around me when he came in today. LOL The guy never came in today, but still, it was really a funny moment. Actually, the other scenario I thought of was giving A. my number on a piece of paper while this guy walked in. I figured it would have killed two birds with one stone.

I'll see how Monday goes and at least let him know that I'd like to go rock climbing some time. I've learned to not hold my breath with these things, but at the same time you never really know.

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Angela said...

Wow, bartending seems really hard, but it sounds like you will do fine, and be good at it. A sounds very nice. Keep us posted:)
Take care