Sunday, June 12, 2011

A bunny anniversary

Today marked Clover's first anniversary here! It is hard to believe that a year has passed already. In this year, I've learned about bunny behavior, bunny foods, bunny proofing, inter-mingling prey/predator species together, teaching bunny tricks, and most importantly how much fun it can be to have a bunny. Truly, when I sought after getting a bunny, a lot of it was to do with training a completely different species and an animal that could be more containable than a cat. Well, Miss Clover has proven more than that. She's proven bunnies can be affectionate and in the opposite token pissy at times, that they really are athletic and can jump HIGH, that they really LOVE sugar, that they are trainable and can just as easily wrap their paw around your finger just like a dog or cat, that they understand schedules, that they enjoy enrichment activities, that they will climb on you, using you as stairs to their "house," and much more.

I always tell people who are interested in getting bunnies that they are high maintenance animals. They require work just like dogs. But are they worth it? You bet! They may not show the same kind of affection like a dog or cat would, but they have their own way--it's more subtle. It is such a wonderful feeling stroking Clover's cheek, one of her favorite places to be petted, and seeing her little eyes shut and her ears relaxed. There have been times I've fallen asleep in her room by her "house," having petted her. At times, she has literally come over and lied right beside me, closing her eyes herself. It is such a sweet moment.

Here's a photo of Clover with a hat on. I know this should have been a Happy Anniversary hat but I only had Happy Birthday ones. She allowed the hat to stay on long enough for a few photos. Did I say she loves treats? Umm yeah. She got a few more animal crackers today, one of her favorites (Baxter's too)

Happy Anniversary Clover! Mommy loves you and is happy you came into her life.
Now, if we could just teach you to clean up your room.


Sarah @ Bearing, Eating, Being said...

So stinkin' cute!!!!! Happy birthday, Clover!

(PS: funny story--my close friend Sam has a rabbit that he rescued and named Peter. He is obsessed with it--he and his partner are like you and run a Dr. Dolittle style home-- they also have a rescue dog, a rescue cat, and a bird that talks. Anyway, last year when Peter was 2, Sam had Peter's DNA tested. Apparently, Peter is a girl.)

Cammy said...

Happy anniversary, Clover! Sounds like she's done wonderfully, she's lucky to have an owner like you!

Tiptoe said...

Sarah, yes, it is difficult to sex bunnies. I've heard quite a number of the shes becoming hes. LOL

Thanks Cammy! I think she likes me a bit too. :-)