Friday, June 17, 2011

Yogurt buying obsession

A Friday confessional:

I have this yogurt buying obsession as detailed by the picture below.

See, I don't buy yogurt that often really but when it is on sale, like a 5/$5 or sometimes the yogurt will be half price due to it expiring that day or the next, I find myself buying a lot of them. I think I bought like 10 or 11 within the past two days. Who can pass up $.49 yogurt?

Seen in the picture is basically 19 days worth of yogurt if I ate one a day. That's always my intention, but for some reason, I just don't necessarily get there. Some of these yogurts have actually expired or about to expire. Four of the yogurts were from when my mom and her husband visited (he decided to buy 6 yogurts the day before they were leaving and only ate 2). I've learned from past history that with yogurt, unlike milk,it can go past the expiration date and still be okay.

The thing is that I do like yogurt, so I don't know what my problem is in leaving it there for months at a time to think about eating. Yogurt does not hold some negative value either, so it just seems weird why I do this. I do not seem to do this with too many other items of food I buy. It almost seems similar to hoarding. :-/

Thoughts? Rationales? Similar experiences?


Lisa said...

LOVE yogurt. that's all. HAHA



Cammy said...

I totally do this with yogurt! I have about 12 in my fridge right now. Mostly because it does indeed stay good way past the expiration date. Also, I like to have plenty of different flavors on hand to choose from, which necessitates a goodly number on hand also, right? :)