Thursday, March 17, 2011

Upcoming posts and other thoughts

I know everyone does not want to hear about job stuff other than I am still at it with resumes, registering at temporary agencies, etc. However, I did run across this article which I think may be relevant to some of you who are also searching. Basically, it is says that even though we may be desperate for a job, a bad job could be worse for you mentally than being unemployed. Just something to consider.

I have to admit, I have good and bad days with this whole no work situation. I really have to fight the "rejected" feeling and the "I'm not a loser" mantra. Hence, I think this is why productivity feels more emphasized. There are some days I feel like I am so productive, but then there are other days, I feel like I get nothing accomplished. Then, the day feels wasted.

However, I haven't felt the latter of that too much this week.

How have I been productive this week so far?
* Sent out more resumes (I am currently waiting to hear from 5-6 potential employers)
* Registered with a temporary agency
* Have been working with the dogs and bunny on new tricks related to Easter. I have a photo in
mind, but we'll see if it will really happen.
* Bathed Tovah--she is itchy unfortunately
*Got my glasses fixed. A nose pad fell off. I tried gluing it but it did not work. The cover of one
arm has beencracked too for awhile. It was being held by scotch tape. The lady was nice and
put 2 new nose pads and 2 arm covers on my glasses.
* Got new windshield wipers. Mine were falling apart.

Now, things to look forward to:
* Dog show! I'm going on Friday and Sunday morning to see the Boxers and some competition
obedience andmaybe rally. I'm taking the opportunity, because I rarely get to go and actually
see what I want. A local person here is also going on Sunday, so we may meet up at some point.
* Running group on Saturday morning. I missed yesterday's session due to not being able to read
the clock correctly.
* Possible a date with match guy. We'll call him the writer. (I actually have 2 prospects, the other
is an hour away though--we've talked on the phone a few times-also a runner)
* Next week, some cadaver work with Tovah. After e-mailing another well known trainer, I
realized I may need to slow down a little, but I am very curious to see how Tovah reacts to a
cadaver scent.
* Upcoming dog seminars that are nearby in April and May.
* Hair cut appt. at the end of the month. I haven't cut my hair since this post. And yes, it is just
about that long now again.

Now, things you have to look forward to in some following posts:
* Book reviews. I'll be reviewing:

Beating Your Eating Disorder: A Cognitive-Behavioral Self-Help Guide for Adult Sufferers and their Carers by authors Waller, Mountford, Lawson, Gray, Cordery, and Hinrichsen
Give Food a Chance by author Julie O'Toole.

Both are two I have wanted to read, so this is a great opportunity. Some other books which are on my stack are Unbearable Lightness; Women, Food, and God; Goodbye Ed, Hello Me, and other dog training related books and dvds. I realize these are not new books, and I've been quite negligent on my book reading, so I am trying to take this time to get back into the groove of reading.

With all of that said, how is everyone's weekend shaping up? What do you have to look forward to?


Katie said...

Ooh, I liked Goodbye Ed, Hello Me. Jenni Schaefer's first book made a big difference to my recovery and her second turned up just in time for me to move into that post-weight restoration stage of recovery. Good woman. I hope you enjoy them!

Boxers are gorgeous, I hope you have a good weekend with the dog shows. I am such a dog fanatic, I miss my family's dogs hugely. Good luck with your continuing job search too, I know just how frustrating that can be...

I just read your comment on your previous post - I am rather embarrassed that you remember my crazy alter ego on SF ;) please remember, I was only in my mid-teens when I posted there, and completely off my trolley (British phrase alert there maybe, hehe) on medication! Ugh.

(okay, my word verification is whinge. How great is that?!)

Missy said...

Women Food and God...I am on my third reading. Soak it in.
You have to sort of manipulate the language to your "food issues" if you have no experience with compulsive or comfort eating....she does talk about undereating too...It's basically a matter of using food.