Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Road trip

Tomorrow, as long as I can get all my sh$t together, I will be going on a road trip.  I'll be driving to my dad's which is about a 9.5-10 hours drive.  Then, I'll head to FL to visit a friend about 6 hours away.  She is having a dog workshop on Saturday.  I'll head back to my dad's likely Sunday afternoon, and then head back here on Tuesday.  This makes a total of 32 hours of driving over 6 days.  Yikes!  The most amount of driving I have ever done in a day is 12.  I'm a bit  concerned but feel like I can do it.  Here's why:

Over the last few weeks, i.e no job, I have gotten a significant amount of more sleep--think 7-8 hours versus 5 hours (yes, sleep has always been my nemesis).  I've eaten pretty well and have not gone overboard on exercise.  I've only kept to my 2 days of running and walked the dogs more.  Even if I run at my dad's, his weather is much warmer than it is here, so my body would not be acclimated well.

Anyway, my biggest challenge is getting everything together.  My neighbor will take care of 2 of my dogs and Clover (the youngest is going with me)  I worry slightly, but I think if I give her very detailed instructions and go over everything with her, it will be okay.  Hopefully, this time I will not come back to a roundish bunny like last fall when my parents took care of the dogs and Clover (bless them, they tried).

My next posts will be from sunny SC and FL!


scottrecovered said...

Wishing you a WONDERFUL vacation!


Missy said...

Where in Florida? If you are by me please visit.
I live in Fort Lauderdale.

Cammy said...

I really hope you are having a fun and safe trip! I think getting out on the road is probably a great idea right now, a change of scenery, supportive family, and nicer weather will hopefully all be beneficial. Can't wait to hear updates on how things are going for you!

Tiptoe said...

Thank you for the nice wishes. I will post more tonight when I get a chance.

Missy, I was about 3 hours from you while in FL. Just not enough time to drive there, or else I would have. My other FL friends never answered their phones. :-(