Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The remains in a box

This is a box, a box I'm hoping will eventually reunite Baxter, at least in a spiritual sense. It's difficult to imagine quite honestly.

More details to come--too tired to write everything out now. The last several weeks have been quite an ordeal, but I'm hoping this will at least be able to bring a piece of closure. I won't really feel that until I have the necropsy reports back.

For those new to the blog and inclined to read Baxter's saga, here are the links:


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Eating Alone said...

Hug, and sympathy.

Tiger said...


Kim said...

Gosh, I just re-read the "Saying good-bye" post and I started my work. I really feel for you and your loss. I get so, so attached to animals and just imagining their loss makes me so upset. I know what great companions they are and how much unconditional love you two shared. I'm so sorry, again. I know these things are incredibly difficult. Thinking of you...

Cammy said...

Major hugs, hon, I know how special Baxter was. Just remember that he could not possibly have had a better owner and I'm sure he knew how much you loved him to the very end.

Tiptoe said...

Thanks everyone for the support. I'm hoping by the beginning of next week, he will be on his way.

Kim, that post was so hard for me to write. I sobbed writing it.

I'll keep all posted.

Telstaar said...

I'm sorry hun, I'm just catching up now on posts.

Ooooh I feel for you so very much. I know the pain of his death isn't going to just go away in the near future especially given how incredibly important and precious he was and he was to you.

I do hope that the report provides you with hope and information for treatments for other dogs and people. I hope that you can get some closure with being able to "bury" him...

But please know that he's not forgotten here either.

With love xo