Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recap of the week

I apologize for my lack of blogging this week. I don't know what was with this week, honestly. Every time, I went on the computer, usually after I ate dinner, watched a little tv, checked e-mail, checked twitter, checked facebook, checked google reader, and then was going to blog, I fell asleep literally at my desktop computer or at my netbook, sitting in my favorite chair. So I guess my sleep deprivation was rearing its ugly head, despite the fact I continue to wake up at the same time everyday.

So this post will be a bit of a recap--some good, some bad, some just bizarre.

-Work is going well, but document after document with my boss coming up with more and more, can be daunting at times. These documents are from scratch, so I've had to use all my brain power to come up with them. At one point, I even said that I thought I was making a dent in all the documents only to find there are more and more.

-A new woman began working at the office part-time. My boss's words were, "you'll love her." Though my boss is great, I am not too keen on anyone giving me a pre-thought before I've made my own. It's one thing to say, "I think you'll like her and get along to you'll love her." But I'm letting it go. The woman seems okay but since we're both doing different jobs, I didn't have much chance to talk and get to know her.

-A young girl, probably about 8 or 9, stopped me i n the grocery store and asked me about my hand. It startled me a bit. She was curious more than anything, but she began following me and asking me more questions which made me feel awkward. At one point, I was thinking, "little girl, where is your mother?"

-Another lady in Wal-Mart stopped me suddenly and asked me my nationality and then said "okay" and walked away. I have no clue what that was about.

-My body image was utterly awful this week. I had all these fat feelings due to being bloated. Why I was bloated, well, that's a bit of a mystery as it was not that time of month. Feeling bloated is probably one of the worst physical sensations for me and often times a big trigger. The positive of this is that I did not let it overtake me and cut calories, add in exercise, etc. Woot for me!

-I continued to keep my photo off the profile on match. There's only one has specifically requested my picture. The e-mails have been quite interesting. I'm amazed at some of the creativeness of some of the e-mails. One guy said he found me on a whim and at the time was craving a certain food which my screen name happens to have. His e-mail was filled with 10 randoms facts about himself. Another guy, actually signed his full name, and the e-mail was similar to a conversation, like we'd been talking for awhile.

-Lastly, my mom and her husband came for a visit over the weekend. We have gotten a A LOT accomplished around the house so far.. Two things I'm really excited about is getting a new computer desk and a new, comfortable computer chair. Sitting in that chair is like heaven! And, we got it on sale for $100 off. There's still much more that needs to be done on the house, but it will have to be done in the spring when it is warm.

That's a wrap for this week. Thanks for those who voted. I'll likely put my photo up on the profile. The biggest thing with me was the initial reaction of those who responded to me. I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the body issues, i am dealing with them now as well. has bloggin been beneficial to your recovery? i have recently started blogging myself about my recovery and hope to be able to ease the stress and get the motivation toward recovery out there. love your blog

Kim said...

Thanks for the recap. It sounds like work is going along just fine, and the Match situation seems to be progressing. I thought it would be a funny book idea to write about experiences while on Anyway... bloating is also an entirely unpleasant thing for me too. I realize it is for most women, but it's especially triggering of ed-related things for me. It usually passes after a day or two, so that's good. Sounds like things are going pretty well!

Tiptoe said...


Yes, I think blogging has helped me quite a lot in recovery. Before, I used to visit many pro-recovery forums, but I they only helped somewhat. Actually, I found myself feeling worse for myself or never feeling sick enough, etc. I

I think the blogging world is very different and many seem very proactive. It's helpful to read about people who are in similar situations and helping one another.

Kim, yes, work is coming along, just daunting at times.

There is a book, I can't remember the name, where a woman wrote about the dates she had been on. There were some crazy and scary ones. But I agree with you, it would be funny to write a book about match. I don't think I mentioned it, but one guy is on another site and contacted me there too.