Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Knee pain

I talked about my knee pain about a month or so ago. The last month, I did as recommended and cut back my running mileage, took my medication, did my physical therapy exercises, etc. My left knee was feeling better. However, over the weekend, my right knee pain worsened. I attempted a run yesterday but was unable to complete it at all. I actually reminded myself of the previous post I wrote about the amazing functionality of our bodies and how we needed to take care of them. :-)

I saw my physiatrist yesterday afternoon. She's concerned and frustrated just like me. She didn't tell me what she thought was wrong, but maybe she didn't know either? Anyway, she decided to refer me to an orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion and a "fresh" set of new eyes. That appt. will be next week. I already feel nervous about it. I keep thinking to myself that perhaps this is just a fluke and the pain will go away in a few days. I relegated myself to only the pool running yesterday, although the weather was really nice for a run.

One bad thing about the appt. was I did get weighed and am now freaked out about the number. I know honestly I should just let go of the whole numbers thing, but it just still has that power over me, especially since I know three months ago, the number was significantly different. It probably doesn't help that the last month in a half my eating has mostly been binging if anything else. sigh I want to be normal one day.

So anyway, I'll speak to my PT today about my latest appt. with my Dr. and ask her whether to come in this week or not. It's weird I feel a sense of disappointing her as I know she is frustrated as well.

On the good news, I bought some running stuff I needed for myself as a belated birthday present.


Anonymous said...

running gear is great! i don't have the exact same delima but i have had knee problems (my patellas have popped out making it almost impossible to bend) but i keep on running. i think i'm gonna have to be in a wheelchair befor i quit running.

stay strong through the weight gain. i understand about the binges. sometimes i just binge for days on end...ugh..

anyways i've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and i love it..keep it up!

Tiptoe said...

Anonymous, thanks so much for your comments. Knee pain can be so difficult to deal with. I hope yours gets better. Your knees are vital to your body! Take care. It's nice to know someone else can relate.