Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Feel like a chicken with its head cut off

Yes, the title says it all. This week is incredibly busy. I worked yesterday on my day off since I knew my boss had a really busy week as well. Yes, I'm the nice type of person that does that sort of thing. Between my work time, I ran a few errands, and in the evening skipped my evening run to do more preparation for the week.

Then this morning, I had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. My physiatrist was right that his bedside manner sucks! However, I do think he is competent, it's just his presentation that (and I hate shuddering the words) makes it seem like he has an ego. One of the first things out of his mouth was "I'm exactly twice your age, and I've never had knee problems." My first thought was "great, that's you, now what about me?" Of course I didd not say this. He went on saying why he didn't have knee problems, etc. He also did give a few pointers about marathons and such, so I guess I can give him a few brownie points for that. Anyway, he wants to do an MRI on both my knees, so that's scheduled for next week. Then I'll see him the week after to go over those results.

Tomorrow and Thursday, I'm working, but then Friday through Sunday, I'm working at a dog conference in town. Although I've known about this conference for months, I'm really stressed about it. Part of it is that I feel like the coordinator and I did not get off on the right foot. It's hard to say exactly since it was via e-mail. She got upset I couldn't help out on this one day after I was told it would not be a problem by my boss. I guess I'm mostly stressed about doing something wrong, screwing up some transaction, telling the wrong things to people, etc. It doesn't help that I feel kind of like teh odd ball out since I can't help with setting everything up due to my schedule.

I wish I didn't care so much about what other people thought. Sometimes I wish that I was not the type that feels like I have to give a good first impression all the time, although by not giving one, I think that would even make me feel worse. It's such a catch-22. I know I can only do the best I can, and if they are not accepting of that, then that is their problem. Those words are so much easier to say to someone else or to write down. But to actually feel that is something I have not completely conquered.

The other things that stress me out are that I have someone covering for me at work and I have to figure out how to get my runs in this week. The other worker is new, and I'm just hoping she does things okay. Otherwise, I feel like it's on my head since I've trained her. With the runs, I know it's going to be a shorter week mileage wise, but I do want to get a few runs in.

I'm just hoping the week goes be swiftly and smoothly, then I can just put all this behind me. Oh yeah, one positive good thing is that it looks like my dog bite case is almost settled.

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