Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Expanding eating disorder treatment centers

I started this post on Wednesday, and then suddenly my computer just shut off. Ugh! It turns out the breaker in the fuse box which the computer is hooked up to switched off. Well, I tried turning it back on and it sparked. Yikes! I contacted my landlord, so hopefully an elecrician will be here soon. I really hate being computerless.

Just read this online today. The Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, part of Stanford University, is expanding their comprehensive eating disorder program for individuals aged 18-21. I think this is good news as college is often a difficult time for people this age. Plus, actually being in a "hospital" setting, more insurance companies are likely to cover the costs. It's sad but true unfortunately.

Another center in northeastern New York is also opening called the Albany Medical Center. I don't know any other information about it but may be helpful to those in that area.

Also, Remuda Ranch, a well known eating disorders treatment facility, has recently expanded their services in treating anxiety-related problems.

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