Monday, February 4, 2008

Gaining: the truth about life after eating disorders

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I just finished Gaining: the truth about life after eating disorders last week. Overall, I think it is a very good
book. Even though I already knew much of the research Liu explained in her book, there were some different and interesting insights. I didn't find the book triggering, but I did think it was interesting how much she quoted Marya Hornbacher. Nothing against Marya who is an exceptional writer, but I think Wasted is a triggering book for many. Obviously, Liu didn't quote those types of passages. There were also many quotes from the late Caroline Knapp in her book Appetites and Sheila Reindl, author of Sensing the Self. Other professionals too were gave their viewpoints as well.

Reading this book reminds me of a friend, K. who several years ago divulged to me about her anorexia in her teenage years. When she told me, I was dumbfounded as I honestly never imagined her to ever have had an eating disorder. At the time K. told me, it was a sigh of relief for me as we were both rooming together at a conference. I then knew there wouldn't be judgments on what I was or was not eating which was something that cause me a lot of anxiety. And I did have many from other conference attendees whom I was working with. To this day, K. does not have an eating disorder. Like Aimee, the author of the book, she didn't get any formal treatment.

I guess what I find interesting is that thinking about her characteristics--wanting to be in control, a bit neurotic at times (in a nice way), always keeping a strong face in hard times, perfectionistic, etc. are all traits many of those with eating disorders share. I often wonder how it is that she was able to overcome her eating disorder and not look back whereas I've been stuck in it for the last almost twelve years.

Anyway, there's a lot more to this book than I've posted here. I'll probably have to re it again at some point to full take in all the information. I do think this is very hopeful book for those in recovery and recommend it.


Deb said...

I am going to put this book on my "to read" list. Most of the great books I've found are through word of mouth.

And I'm linking you to my blog. You have a great blog here!

Tiptoe said...

Thanks for reading and commenting! I'll eventually make my blogroll at some point, and you'll definitely be included :-)

Anonymous said...

i have read Wasted by Marya Hornbacher, and i found it definitaly a trigger and not a healing book.