Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The latest new "doll"


From the makers of Mattel, the company who brought you the ageless Barbie whose proportion sizes are so off the chart that she could not exist, we are introduced to the "America's Next Top Model" doll. It was just time before this really happened, and it seemed to miraculously hit shelves just as the launch of the new "ANTM's" season begins next Wednesday.

image: Entertainment Weekly

The dolls are Paisley, Sienna, Sidney, and Tascha. All are 12 inches tall with jointed torsos (hmm, I guess the rest isn't moveable?) and adorned with the oh so necessities girl needs--jewelry, outfits, shoes, a purse, a compact, and hairbrush. They are now available on amazon and ebay and can be yours too for only $29.99.

A writer from Entertainment Weekly whose photo is above wrote an article about getting these dolls in the email recently. He wrote his own rendition of the elimination round. Personally, I found it quite funny.

I admit I've watched reruns of ANTM before. To me, it's just another reality show with all the drama and fuss imaginable. Surprisingly, when my mom visited me awhile back, she caught some reruns of it and found it highly addicting! I thought that was weird since she is not normally into that type of show at all.

I'm not really sure what to think of this. It's just another added marketing thing to young girls.

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