Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Full Body Project

I was listening to an archived "Here on earth" podcast from WPR entitled "The Full Body Project." Jean Feraca, the host, was speaking with Leonard Nimoy (yes Spock!) about his book The Full Body Project.
The Full Body Project: Photographs by Leonard Nimoy
image: amazon.com

It's a series of black and white photos of nude full bodied women. I took a look of some of the photos here and found the photos quite interesting. Several of the photos resemble famous photos and paintings by renowned artists like Matisse, Raphael, Duchamp, and Herbert Ritts. However, more than this, it's the subjects that are captivating. These subjects are women who are part of the Fat-Bottom Revue, a group promoting size acceptance. This is something that is evident in these photos--the comfortableness with their size, their bodies, themselves.

Personally, I admire this type of work and anyone who can pull it off. In a society where we still covet thinness and have become in a sense "fat phobic," this is just refreshing to see. Whether someone is fat or thin or in between, it is about feeling OKAY with yourself just the way it is. I hope more people can reach this goal, including myself one day.

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