Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tooth misery saga

Now, it's Monday (well technically Tuesday). The pain was a little better today overall. I saw my dentist in the morning. She did an x-ray and looked at the tooth which confirmed the infection yet again. I had a similar infection in this same tooth a little over a year ago. Basically, she said I had to have it extracted. Otherwise, it would just be a continuous cycle of infection, getting better wit antibiotics, infection again, etc. On top of that, the infections would be more frequent. I was so not happy to hear this. This side of my mouth (upper left jaw) already has a bridge there which I'm still paying for. I almost regret getting it now and feel suckered into it even though it was the only option at the time.

My dentist wants me to have his done soon, but my problem is my dental insurance won't kick in for any major work until after the first of a the year. I already have another crown that needs to be done as well. I know my insurance is not going to cover the extraction. One of the dental assistants asked me why I don't get the extraction done now? Well, basically because I was in a huge amount of pain afterwards with no pain medication that worked and it's very expensive. My mom paid my last one, and it's just the whole guilt thing there. She spent a lot of money on me this weekend. It was her choice of course, but still I just feel undeserving of it. She told me it was a part of Christmas, so I hope she sticks by that.

Anyway, I will now have three holes in my mouth when I get that extraction done--one hole from my previous extraction, the second from the new extraction, the third from the missing half of my tooth that needs a crown. This is all in conjunction with also needing to redo my bridge on the right upper side of my mouth. This is when I just think ripping out all my teeth and having dentures is the way to go. I mean it would be a lot less costly then.

I tell my parents this news. Neither are happy of course and feel badly for me. My dad replies with "geez, you're not going to have any teeth left. I'm glad you're over that "problem" (meaning bulimia). I'm just sad you have to go through all this tooth trouble." My mom's reply was, "I knew the eating disorder caused some problems. I wonder why you're having such problems?" Does anyone not see how neither connect the dots or something? My reply to my mom was "well, yes, eating disorders cause damage to teeth. It's individualistic with some not having many teeth problems, while others do. I was unlucky I guess."

In the end, it just sucks how much damage can be produced on your teeth due to an eating disorder. Even without consistent damage, the effects can be devastating and continuous. I'm proof of that.

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