Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stricter salt regulations may be on the horizon

Personally, I am not a big salt fan. With the exception of a few foods (kimchi, asian noodles, wheat thins), my salt intake in a day is fairly low. I remember once asking my dad what the rationale behind eating a lot of foods with salt in them. He said that the idea is that you will consume enough liquids to pass the salt through your body. Hmmm, okay. So I guess if you don't consume enough liquids, you just retain the salt.

Out today, an article about possible new regulations for salt intake. I definitely think in general most people consume more salt than they really need. Some of those pre-packaged meals are just loaded with unnecessary sodium. The bad thing is that it is virtually impossible to not consume salt products. Everything has salt. I think even those who monitor their salt intake could easily go over the recommended amount of 1 1/2 tsp. It'll be interesting whether this takes into effect and if so, whether there will be a change in Americans and their diseases. For now, stay tuned and keep your salt intake within recommended amounts.

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