Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekends and work

I remember when I used to hate that the weekend was about to come. It meant unstructured time, no real schedule, an interruption of my routine. I still fight this with notion a lot, thinking I must get a ton of stuff done on the weekends--laundry, vacuuming, cleaning, organizing, stuff with the dogs and bunny, etc. But with my last three weeks of work, I've welcomed the weekend graciously and have tried to fill it with fun time. For example, last weekend, I visited an online friend I'd known for 14 years but never met. This weekend, I'm visiting another friend or two and meeting a new Match date.

I never thought how much of a welcome relief the weekends would be, though I do think weekends should really be 3 days rather than 2. I find it always takes me one day to wind down. But truly this makes sense with work lately. This week was the same as the previous other two weeks, though I did say again that we needed to talk and it really could not wait any longer. Again, all I got was another "I'll schedule an appointment." :sigh: This is really frustrating.

I'm really at a loss of what more to do, because the ball has been in her court for several weeks now. This is my third attempt at some form of communication. If someone no longer wants me there, I'd rather be told up front than to continue in misery. Been there, done that, and it's not fun. In the back of my mind, my wishful thinking hopes this is just one big misunderstanding. However, as each day passes, the likelihood of this diminishes.


Dr. Deb said...

I think weekends should be three days too. Sorry to hear that you feel so brushed aside.

Tiptoe said...

Dr. Deb,
Thanks. I appreciate your thoughts. Just a hard time right now.

Lisa said...

Hey. I've just started following your blog. I always dread weekends as well. I look foward to them because I don't work but I dread them because I feel alone but because I want to be alone. It's this my head. It's hard to describe

Know you aren't alone

stay strong- this will's not easy, but you can get through it


Tiptoe said...

Sorry this is late Lisa, but thank you. Yes, weekends can be tough with the conundrum occurs. Hopefully, you got through last weekend okay and will with this weekend as well.