Friday, November 12, 2010

Properly feeding guests

I know I am a little early about talking about the holidays, but we have to face that they are upon us soon. No no holiday music here yet, but already the Christmas decorations are out and stores are trying to figure out how to wrangle in cash-strapped shoppers (apparently Wal-Mart is jumping the gun with free shipping on online deals two weeks before Black Friday to compete with their adversary Amazon via NPR).

Besides all this, it means festivities and celebrations (usually with food included) will soon be here too. This brings me to today's Jezebel piece on how to properly feed your guests. Anna did a great job on giving a lot of different examples of food restrictions you might encounter as a host and tips to guests to help them deal with these social food gatherings, including a few by me for those in eating disorder recovery. Take a look, some good advice is given.


Cammy said...

Brings to mind a possibly only slightly related anecdote, but thought I'd share: when M. and I had only first started dating, the first time he came over to my apartment was for a saturday morning coffee/movie date, since we both were tied up later that day. I didn't have any real sugar at my place, just Splenda (it never occurred to me that a stocked kitchen should have a non-artificial sweetener of some kind, I guess), and so he brought his own sugar over in a little plastic baggie, it was pretty funny and we still joke about it. ;)

Tiptoe said...

Cammy, that's hilarious about M. bringing his own baggie of sugar! A good story for the ages.

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