Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday's simple pleasure

Today's weather was splendid, in the upper 40s with clear skies. It felt like a virtual heatwave since it's only been in the dismal 30s with lots of gray skies. I had originally planned a run this afternoon due to the wonderful weather. However, I got sidelined, reminding myself I really needed to do something with all the leaves in my yard.

Instead of my afternoon run, I spent it raking leaves and hanging out with my dogs. Normally, I'd bag the leaves, but it was just too many. I wound up raking them to the sides of the fence and around objects like my big oak tree. Besides the fact that I couldn't see an inch of my yard due to the leaves, I also am afraid of stepping in dog poop. This is one reason I scoop my yard frequently.

While I did all this, the dogs decided to play. It was a wonderful thing for them to be out and enjoy the beautiful day. It was simple pleasure for both them and me, something I need to be constantly vigilant of.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I love picture posts. And you are soooo lucky with the weather, its pouring rain and minus 1 billion degrees here! I love the last photo by the way. It looks like they are just hanging out, people watching. It should be one of those caption competition photos. There is definitely a doggy scheme being cooked up!

Kyla said...

thanks for the pictures! I especially like the last one.

kb said...

It's so wonderful to be able to enjoy those simple pleasures. Thank you for sharing!

Tiptoe said...

Glad everyone enjoyed the photos! It's funny that last photo, they just lined up there without any prompting. All the photos I tried to "set" them, and they kept moving or not looking at me. But this one, I was able to capture.

Lola, don't feel too bad about the weather. It rained all freaking day here.