Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dinner update

A few of you were interested in knowing how my Monday night unknown dinner event went. I admit, there was a lot of anxiety that entire day, and it seemed much of it was creating various possible menus in my head. I fell back into some old habits of exercise which was probably not the healthiest coping mechanism. :sigh:

I got there in the evening. S.'s husband was making dinner. I worked with their dogs a bit until dinner was ready.

Drum roll please. The menu was:

Salmon, sauteed seasoned vegetables, and a red potato. Yes! When I saw that, I was so RELIEVED. It was simple and good. I did find myself eating noticeably slower but finished the meal with success.

My therapist asked me the next day at my appt. how I felt sitting there at the table. It was awkward at first, but the conversation flowed nicely. By the end of dinner, I was reminded that the emphasis isn't on the food or the dinner but the people and memories shared. Slowly, I'm learning this and getting through the anxiety.


Cammy said...

I am so glad that it went well! Great job for not letting your fears win out and deciding not to go. I'm sure they enjoyed your company!

Lisa said...

Oh, I'm so happy you enjoyed the meal. I love it when there's a perfect balance between the food on your plate and the people at the table.

Gaining Back My Life said...

Yay!!! I was also very curious and hoping for an update on Monday's evening out with your friends.

I do understand the anxiety, and am sorry that it had such a grip on you prior to the dinner.

But you took a risk, you stepped out of your comfort zone, allowed the unexpected to happen, and you did it.

Congratulations :)

Lola Snow said...

***gets out pom-poms and does an uncoordinated dance routine***
Good for you tiptoe, that sounds like a challenge accepted and achieved!

Lola x

Carrie Arnold said...


I'm glad everything went well- and the dinner sounds yummy! Be proud of yourself, I know how difficult things like this are.


Kyla said...
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Tiptoe said...

Thank all of you for your support! Even small moments like these feels like sweet success!

zandria said...

Mmm...not only were you relieved about the menu, but it sounds like it was DAMN GOOD. Both pluses. :)

emmy. said...

the group has been made private :)
you are free to join w/o worry.

gutsinarut said...

That's wonderful! I know what it's like to have sincere anxiety with situations like this...eating in front of people in general has always kind of freaked me out.
But you're totally right: the emphasis should be on the company and the memories, and not the food. Although, that menu sounds tasty. =)

Tiptoe said...

Zandria, yes, the meal was yummy!

Gutsinarut, eating in front of people can be hard but it does help to work on it. I don't know if I'll ever truly be completely at ease but at least to feel like I can tolerate it is a good step.

Emmy, thanks. I will join soon.