Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun post: Quirks

Tagged by Kyla wanting to know quirks about me.

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Quirk 1:
I have a knack for finding four leaf clovers.
When I was very obsessed about finding them, I would pluck them from the ground, press them, and then give them away to people. I lost count after finding 80-something of them. I no longer actively look for them, but still find them easily. Either, I'm a lucky girl or I'm just really good at finding the "needle in the haystack."
image: fourleafclover

Quirk 2:
I have a sixth sacral vertebrae.
I never even knew this fact until I was in my mid-teens and had x-rays for a stress fracture.
image: 3dscience

Quirk 3:
I have a strange tendency to be able to hear thunder and ambulances before other people. I will literally hear a roar and think, "that sounds like thunder or think an ambulance is coming" And what do you know, there really is one. So it's not all just in my head. I'm not really hearing weird things from out of the blue.
image: howstuffworks

Quirk 4:
I work with dogs all the time, however, I really can't stand drool or slobber.
This is despite the fact that I have my own drooly, slobbery dog. (no, the pic isn't him, this is Hooch or at least a look-alike from the movie Turner and Hooch) I wouldn't change it for the world, but whenever I get anything resembling drool on my hands or some other body part, yep, I'm there to find the closest sink. This is one reason why I always carry some form of a rag, or paper towel with me. You should see the puppies. They just love to grab it!
image: flickr

Quirk 5:
I'm not very musically inclined. However, in high school, I used to played the trombone and violin. The trombone wasn't really my first choice for an instrument, but it was one I was capable of holding. That, and I could actually produce noise from the mouthpiece which some couldn't do.
image: wikimedia

The violin is a different story. I really liked the violin, but had a hard time holding the bow and keeping my arm in that contorted position. I honestly don't see how those pros hold their arms like that forever.
image: wikimedia

Quirk 6:
I'm not a big holiday type person. I find them stressful and chaotic. But one thing I do love is gift wrapping!
I can seriously sit for hours and wrap gifts. I like to make the gifts look beautiful and give personalization to each of them. Look for photos of those this year.
image: stock.xchng

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Kyla said...

v cool quirks, thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

Those are fun facts =) I, too, love gift-wrapping! I'm so excited because all the stores are starting to put all that stuff out for sale now.
Oh, and the violin thing? I don't get it either; I tried it once and my elbow hated me for it immediately.

Tiptoe said...

This was fun to do. Sometimes, it's nice to just know random facts about people you might never have guessed.

Gutsinarut, I'm so glad I'm not the only one about your arm dying holding a violin.