Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tovah turned 2 today!

Tovah turned 2 today! Yes, I made it Halloween day. Actually, I tried pretty hard to figure out her birth date by the age I found her. It's hard to believe she is another year older now. There are so many possibilities for her. My current interest is seeing whether she could make it as a search and rescue dog. This takes a lot of time and practice, but I think she has the potential. There's also the fun new sports of Canine Nosework and Treibball which are becoming quickly popular or maybe animal assisted therapy. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go through Delta Society since they instilled a new policy that no raw food dogs could be therapy dogs this past summer. However, I did learn of a new group called HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response which seems like a wonderful organization.

I think in some ways, I feel like I missed out with Baxter in not doing more with him when he had the potential for so much. I waited--hoping to find the right people to help guide me who used the same philosophy, when I should have just done it.

I have more knowledge and contacts now and people who can help me, so I feel a little less afraid to venture out than I used to. I'll just have to see where we all end up.

For Tovah's birthday, she received a Kong Wubba which I have named Rosie the Rabbit or as my cousin says, "Wosie da Wabbit." As you can tell, she really liked it. Rosie now has one ear torn.

In case you have never read Tovah's story, she was an unexpected find. The first two weeks with me were full of happiness and heartache too. But in the end, some things do have happy endings.


I Hate to Weight said...

i can not believe she's two. she's so beautiful and happy. and she was the cutest puppy. time flies.

why won't they allow raw food puppies to help out? why does it matter?

Kim said...

Aw, happy birthday to Tovah!!

Tiptoe said...

Kim and Melissa, thanks!

Melissa, the reason Delta has given for not allowing raw food dogs as therapy dogs is because of a possible salmonella transmission to patients. They are afraid their saliva or their shedding puts patients at risk. You can read more here from Delta

Another great article from the Whole dog Journal, questioning Deltas policy can be read here

In general, their policy has been quite controversial in the dog world, and many believe Delta went over the top as any dog can pass salmonella possibly.