Monday, October 11, 2010

In a funk

The last week I've been in a total funk.  Here are some of the reasons why I think I've felt this way:
  • My co-worker is leaving for a different job.  I spoke about her briefly here. The reasons were exactly what that post said--about benefits.  Her last day will be this Thursday.  I'm going to really miss seeing her at work.  We have become good friends and seem to think along the same wavelengths.
  • Work has been a bit dull lately.  Yes, I do enjoy watching dogs, but it isn't necessarily very challenging at times.
  • I've been stressed with my big conference looming around the corner--1 1/2 weeks away  I've been writing many work plans for the off-site workshops which has been both good and bad.  Good in the sense that I do feel like I've accomplished something, but bad in the sense that there have been many headaches along the way.  And I'm always worried that something is going to go completely wrong, I'll make someone upset, etc.
  • I still have not gone khaki pants shopping.  It'll have to be next weekend with my other #$^%#% things I need to do before the conference.
The next question is what can I do to bring myself out of this funk?  Beyond the logical things of continuing to eat well/not skimping on meals and getting enough rest, what I really want to say is that I  need to will myself out of this.  But truly I know you just can't will yourself out of certain moods. It isn't a snap of two fingers, and poof it disappears.  What I can do, however, is to keep vigilant as stress is a trigger for loss of appetite and sleep.  And probably one of the most important things is remind myself that I can only control and handle what is within my grasp, not what is in everyone else's.s.  

On a side note, you can view more photos from WEG here.


Sarah said...

I think you should try listening to some upbeat music while you're working. I sometimes got very bored with nannying (watching one baby, especially before he/she can talk, is probably not too much more intellectually stimulating than watching dogs) and music helped me stay interested and helped time go by. I also try to take walks outside whenever I feel myself getting stressed or blue, just because sunshine and a little movement does wonders for my mood.

I'm sorry that you're in a funk and stressed. I hope writing about it made you feel a little better--sometimes just acknowledging it can be good!

I Hate to Weight said...

i know the control thing. i'm finally realizing that i can't control everything. the realization can be fleeting, but it's such a relief whenever i AM able to wrap my arms around it.

stress, depression, funks, may that all pass. i hope that you work thru it all, you give yourself a lot of credit for....working thru it all

good luck with everything. hope it all goes smoothly and easily, including the khaki shopping

Tiptoe said...

Sarah, music is played in the play/training room. I tend to listen to NPR a lot. I figure I can at least learn something or keep up to date on the news while I'm watching dogs. I do take the dogs out frequently, especially on nice days like these but still I get bored. I think part of this is because what I really enjoy most is training. And though I do teach the basic obedience classes, I love trying to teach new skills to dogs beyond just going in crates and sitting at doors.

Writing did help some. I've been talking to my parents a lot and to a few friends, so that has been helpful.

I Hate to Weight,thanks for your support. I hope this passes too. It seems to be a little better today, so that is good. It just sucks when all this hits you at one time, and then there is just a huge overwhelming feeling!