Monday, April 5, 2010

Some signs of spring and other random photos

Here are some random spring photos from the last week or so.

Pear tree blossoms in my yard.

Pear tree in daylight.

Pear tree right after tonight's thunderstorm

This is me on the deck overlooking "the pit."
The previous owners had an above ground pool
which I requested be taken out. They took it out
but it left this gigantic hole and about a 3ft drop.
I have not decided what to do yet, but I am thinking
of making a big sand pit for the dogs.

Ladybug on a cup

A bruise I received while moving a stack of drywall walls in my shed. The dogs alerted me that something was there. Behind those walls was a large oppossum! Luckily, the dogs did not see it. I have realized that bloggers have seen various parts of my body--this bruise, my eye, and my hair.

This is my new riding lawn mower. My dad insisted I have one since my yard is so big. ED part of me said "well, I have a push mower and damn, that is a good workout." I used the new mower yesterday, and it is really quite nice-kind of relaxing. I find it ironic, because it is RED.

This is a gross, nasty "outside" only tennis ball. I had to put it up in a tree since Tovah was not keeping in on the side that had already been mowed.

This is another tennis ball and a Santa she found from the previous owners' kid. She loves to squeak the heck out of this toy. Now, I just wish I could find the collar she lost after she decided to roll in something pungent.

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ghost girl said...

oh lovely! thank you for sharing these!