Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! It marks 40 years of celebrating this awareness day!

I must admit, though I tend to like to stay "clean" most times, it is sometimes fun to just get dirty. Yesterday, I planted some new flowers in my front yard. It was lovely intentionally getting dirty for this purpose. It was a wonderful sight to see the earthworms cultivating their way into the soil (a good sign). Later this week, I'll be planting trees in my backyard as well. It's my way of celebrating this day which I do everyday anyway with recycling, watching water usage, watching energy usage, buying locally when I can, reducing my own carbon footprint, living green with my pets, etc.

There's also something special about Earth Day which reminds me about nature. I'm an incredibly nature-oriented person, so it feels fitting to give back to nature as nature has given to me. Sometimes, nature in its plants, animals, and landscapes have been a sanctuary of sorts--a place of silence, a place to listen, a place to remember, a place to learn, a place to feel free.

How are you going to celebrate Earth Day?

Tips for Earth Day: from the EPA
Facts about Earth Day here and here


Kim said...

I think this is the first year when I feel connected to Earth Day. I care way more about environmental issues than I did even a year ago. I got a free tote bag with tips for staying green in my work lobby :) That was pretty cool! I'll probably take out my recyclying today -- does that count as celebrating? ;)

atika said...

well written

Tiptoe said...

Hehe Kim, every little bit counts!

Atika, thanks for the compliment! :-)