Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Hank!

Happy Belated Birthday Hank! His birthday was actually on Monday, though for whatever reason, I kept thinking Tuesday. In any case, better late than never.

Sometimes, I think Hank gets neglected on this blog, so I want to make sure he has his moment to shine. I wrote about his story last year
He is still my "ball" dog. He's always up for a game of fetch, although Tovah gives him a run for his money. Hank is also my "bone" teaching dog, letting puppies know they have not earned any puppy passes, so that bone is his.

all my dogs, Hank would sum up his life as eat, sleep, chew bone, play fetch. The older he gets, the more I appreciate what a simple life he has and lives. It aspires me to one day reach that type of simplicity minus the bone chewing and fetching. ;-)


Cammy said...

Aw, look at those soulful eyes! Happy belated b'day, Hank!

Tiger said...

Hank is lucky to have you, Tiptoe! I read his story, and, as always, am shocked by people who just "return" a dog. I view it as a commitment--and, there really isn't anything that good training, with a lovely canine can't do, is there?

stitchndeb said...

What a cool dog! Happy birthday, Hank! He looks cute with the hat on. I bet that's the quickest picture you ever took of him before he shook it off. ~Debbie

Kim said...

What an adorable dog! He does have great, soulful eyes :) Happy bday to him :)

Lissy said...

imagine living such a relaxed life AND enjoying it. i'm sure hank loves his day -- eating, sleeping, running around with his buddies, etc.

this post made me think of your last one. we're all making lists, stressing about everything we need to do, procrastinating, worrying, stressing some more...

my friend lives his life the way i wish i could. he lives in the moment, does what needs to be done without fretting OR procrastinating, enjoys his free time AND doesn't think much about food unless he's hungry. Imagine that!

Gaining Back My Life said...

I just love how every dog has an incredibly unique personality, just like humans.

Happy Belated B-Day, Hank!

Tiptoe said...

Hanks thanks everyone for his birthday wishes. He got some new glow 'n the fark tennis balls!

Cammy and Kim, yes, she doe have soulful eyes.

Tiger, so true, with training, dogs can do so many things, it is amazing.

Stichndeb, surprisingly, Hank is fairly tolerant of all the gear I put on him. I have some other cute photos to post of the dogs wearing another item.

Lissy, simplicity is such a nice thing really. I always say that dogs are very zen. Though they definitely remember the past, they live in the moment.

GBML, yes, absolutely!