Monday, June 22, 2009

If Hollywood existed in just a pair of sunglasses

Well, procrastinator me has gotten most of the stuff done for my trip on Monday. Just have to pack and tie up loose ends. I finished all the dogs' stuff which is a boat load of belongings with four dogs--food, supplements, separate beds, treats, and toys. Seriously, it's like they are moving in. I'm going to have to take them two by two since my car will not fit all four, however, I'm apparently getting a bigger car very soon that will be able to hold all four on trips. Yeah!

So anyway, I'll have my computer with me. Hopefully, I can find an easy wireless connection and can do a few posts. But if not, I'll be back in a week. And if you follow me on twitter, I'll be twittering away when I can.

Since it is officially now summer, I wanted to leave everyone with some fun photos. I took these a few days ago with an old pair of
doggie sunglasses I had kept.

Even though we can't bring Hollywood to the dogs (or even to us, not that we would necessarily want to anyway), the dogs can pretend they are all Hollywood-
esque and stars! Of course, they are already stars in my book anyhow!

Daphne is feeling the groove in these shades.

Tovah is chillin' here. The crooked shades add some character.

I think Hank is pretending to be Stevie Wonder. Now, he just needs to add the head circling.

Baxter knows he can get all the ladies with these sunglasses. He even provides a close-up.

Baxter says it is tiring being a star.

Note--*Dogs are never tortured during any of these photo sessions, though they can appear that way at times.
*I apologize for being so negligent on blog reading/commenting/posting. Hopefully, I'll keep up better when I get back and have some more interesting posts.


Lisa said...

Awwww! How cute! Thanks for making me smile today. I can't get over how big Tovah is!

licketysplit said...

LOL! Thank you for those photos, they are FABulous! You have some adorable pooches :)

Lissy said...

have a great time!!!!! i too can't believe how big tovah has gotten. ah, how time flies.

Kim said...

Your dogs are SO CUTE!

Have a great time!


How cute! My pup would never let me keep anything on his face!

Gaining Back My Life said...

You are too funny :) The brought a huge smile to my face this morning! Have a safe trip(s)...

Tiptoe said...

Glad everyone liked the pics. My dogs are such good sports about these type of things, but they are always rewarded heavily afterwards.