Sunday, May 31, 2009

Interesting quotes

All these quotes are from Mary Pipher's new book Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World.

"As a therapist, I learned that people change only when they believe change is possible."

"People can change only in an environment of utter acceptance and regard." said by Carl Rogers on his "paradox of change"

"It takes something larger than ourselves to fight something that feels larger than we are..." in reference to Carl Jung's formula Spiritus contra spiritum which is widely used in AA.

"Despair is the subjective state we experience when our inner and outer resources are insufficient to cope with the situation at hand. At core, it involves a breakdown in our trust of ourselves and the universe."

"The luckiest children are those who can experience challenges, deal with them and become resilient."

"We haven't journeyed all this way because we are made of sugar candy." said by Winston Churchill.


As an aside note, Mary Pipher's book Reviving Ophelia was a book that impacted me greatly as a teen. I not only felt understood, but it truly made me realize how many hardships young girls face in their lives.

Since then, I've read several other of Pipher's books and have enjoyed them. Sometimes, I used to wish she was my therapist as corny and honest as that sounds.

In 2007, Pipher made waves again in returning her Presidential Citation Award to the American Psychological Association as a protest over their position on military and CIA interrogations at the time. The APA has now changed their policy and has banned members from the participation of any interrogations and similar procedures.


700stories said...

haha, "worst buddhist in the world" nice.

omg "Reviving Ophelia" was practically my bible as a teen. I will definitely check out her other books!

Tiptoe said...

700stories, I've read half of her books and found them valuable. This last book, mostly a memoir, there were many instances I could relate to how she felt during childhood.