Friday, May 1, 2009

Quick update--saving the baby birds

Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I really have no clue what will happen to them as about 90-95% die.

When I went back this morning, one did indeed die. It was weakest of the three, so it didn't surprise me. I buried him in the makeshift nest I had made and decided to take the other two. There was no way they would have made it at all, since their body temperature was quite chilled. I figured if the mother/father did not find them yesterday or this morning, then they were likely abandoned.

This is a bit new territory for me, so I got online and read some good articles. Apparently, no water should be given to them as that can damage their lungs. Eeek! I hope they will be okay. I made them a new "nest" in a box lined with newspaper and a heating pad. In the two hours, they've been with me, they seem much more alert, moving around and pooping too. Lucikly, I had some canned dog I had just bought, so I'm feeding them that. This is a huge challenge, as they need to be fed every 15-20 minutes with the exception between 10 PM-6 AM. And they are slow eaters! So they will definitely be coming to work with me. I only have one dilemma and that is Sunday (if they make it that long). I'm meeting my friend K. for the afternoon and had not planned on being back until the evening. I'm hoping maybe my boss will take care of them for me since she I asked her to take care of Tovah for that day.

That's the update so far. Wish me luck. I'd really like to see these little guys make it.


Lisa said...

Your job must be fan-freaking-tastic if you trust you boss with your baby birds!

Kim said...

I'm pulling for them! Like I said, they are SO lucky to have found you :)