Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day. It comes around the second Sunday of every May, though I must admit I was off this year and kept thinking it was last Sunday for some reason. I lie fault in the stores who put cards out three to four weeks in advance. :grin:

Mother's Day has never been a huge holiday for either my mother and me. As a child, I did things like normal children do--give my mother the day off, pamper her, make her dinner, etc. In college, I did my annual duty of sending a card, telling her all my thanks for the wonderful things she had done, things I should have said on a daily basis versus just on the second Sunday in May. However, as I've gotten older, Mother's Day has become more special to me. Maybe, I've finally realized just how special she is, not only for the things she has done but for the person she is. Or maybe, it's just that I'm getting older and realize that one day she will not be here. I read this blog post in the Huffington Times here that really reminded me the importance of Mother's Day.

This Mother's Day, my mother is actually here with me. This has not happened since high school, mostly due to distance. She didn't plan on it, like she was coming just for Mother's Day. It just happened that this was worked for her schedule. So today, I plan on taking her to a dinner of her choice and making her favorite snickerdoodle cookies, a recipe that was passed from my grandmother. I guess I just want to enjoy these next few days before she leaves on Tuesday. In all honesty, I can't predict what will happen today, tomorrow, a few days, a month, a year from now, but I want to value the time I have with her.

Happy Mother's Day to all! Whether you are a mother to a two-legged, four-legged, or multiple-legged species, I hope you enjoy the day in whatever form that may be.

Note;;*Image Carnations represent Mother's day.
Interesting post from NY Times about things we should all ask out mothers.

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Kristina said...

Thanks for sharing! I have to say that I always feel a bit conflicted about my mother, but your post inspires me and reminds me that, no matter what, she does love me and I love her, and I need to cherish this relationship.
I hope that you enjoy the time with her.