Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Inspirational cards, t-shirts, etc.--do they help you?

As recovery is an individual process, there are vast amounts of tools people can use to enable them towards healing. Transformology, a group based out of Chicago who help those with eating disorders, has created a card deck to help those in eating disorder recovery. The Treasures of Transformation card deck covers topics like hunger/full cues, body image, good job, and journaling. Each card has a drawing done by an artist who has fully recovered from her eating disorder and has been given "healing energy." The premise is to help those in any stage of recovery cope positively and find their authentic selves.

This is not the first card deck (nor probably last) to be created. Another card deck about mindful eating has categories like mindfulness, intentions, blessings, letting go, hunger and taste, and contemplations. These cards have a painting and a depiction of the cycle of food. The healthy at every size card deck is about empowerment. These cards display a nature photograph with a key message about enjoying food without guilt, not depriving yourself of food, feeling better about yourself, and enjoying the movement of your body.

The purpose of these cards are all similar-- to help those with food issues whether it is simply giving food for thought, helping during meal times, learning to feel better about themselves, or coping to get through the day.

So my question, do these type of cards help you? Do they give inspiration? Do they help with learning new coping skills?

Lastly, if you're looking from some interesting ED stuff, check out cafepress and zazzle. Though I doubt I'd ever wear a t-shirt about eating disorders in public (congrats to all those who can), I do like what many of them have to say, especially this pin.

Cookie Button by cranberry92

image: zazzle


KC Elaine said...

I have affirmation cards that I like a lot. I hang them up from time to time.

Anonymous said...

they personally annoy the hell out of me. honestly, when i read the inspirational stuff i kinda roll my eyes.

now what gets me going are the stories of others who are making it through this battle every day. and if they have inspirationl stuff around them i have no problem with it.

Anonymous said...

The button I might get along with. The inspirational stuff--that never does me any good and when I slip up it makes me feel like a failure to have those around and not live up to them.
At least the button is funny.

Tiptoe said...

KC, Anon, "julia", thanks for the feedback. I can definitely see how inspirational stuff can be positive and negative. I know for me, it depends on my mood at the time. In college, when I was really depressed, I had a vast amount of inspirational stuff on my walls. These days, I don't have much other than a folder of stuff and a few things on my wall.