Thursday, August 28, 2008

Miss Sister 2008 nixed

I was browsing NPR today, looking for a story that I heard on NPR this morning. Unfortunately, I could not find the story. It was to do with Abercrombie and Fitch and how they strategically place "more beautiful" retailers up front. They say it is for sales purposes only and that many stores do this. I was curious if stores really do this? Anyway, it reminded me of the Olympic opening ceremonies with the little girl lip syncing to the song of the girl actually singing who was backstage since she just wasn't cute enough for public.

I also came across 30 second clip about the Miss Sister 2008 beauty contest being nixed on NPR. Reverend Antonio Rungi wanted to change the old stereotype that nuns were cranky and old, so he came up with a beauty contest online. The nuns would have a profile with a bio and a picture dressed in traditional attire, then people would vote online.
After much outcry from the public, Reverend Rungi has decided not to have the beauty contest.

In this article Rungi said
"that contestants would not wear swimsuits or revealing outfits because it was inner beauty that counted.." Then the very next sentence is, "'We are not going to parade nuns in bathing suits. But being ugly is not a requirement for becoming a nun. External beauty is gift from God, and we mustn't hide it."

While I agree with Rungi that any woman, no matter what their external appearance can be a nun, for some reason, holding a beauty contest seems contradictory. If it is really about "inner beauty," then ideally, there should be no photos of the nuns at all with only their bios. I just find it interesting how the whole concept has even reached this mass of people. Is it simply trying to change their stereotype or is it based on culture?


kb said...

I also wondered if it wasn't a publicity stunt. In many European countries, the number of people going into the Catholic Church is waning. Perhaps this was a move to show that being a nun can be cool so that more young women would put on the habit?
- Kristina

Tiptoe said...

Kb, one of the articles I read said something like this--that it was to bring in young people to the church.

Regardless, I'll guess they'll have to find a different way.