Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally-letting go of clothing

A few weeks ago, I posted Measures of our worth
, discussing unhealthy things we hold onto--the things we know we should let go of but don't necessarily until we finally realize how detrimental that item is, whether it is behaviorally or emotionally or both.

Many of us have old clothing items we have held onto for a long time, even during recovery. Whether it is out of security, a longing for, or a symbolism of the past, truly, it just is not helpful to us in the end.  

Earlier this week, I decided to get rid of this pair of jeans.  A local rescue group is having a yard sale this weekend, so I thought I would put this in my donation box.  I was actually going to hand this pair of jeans plus several other items over to an upscale consignment shop, but I just never got around to it.

This pair of jeans got some usage, mostly in my twenties, but hasn't been worn in several years to be honest.  Besides that I'm no longer starving myself, I think it's also the fact that I decided I wanted to wear things that actually fit me better-not only waist wise but also length wise.  This pair of jeans has an inseam of 30".  On someone who is only about 5'1, it was way too long.  When I originally bought this off of ebay, I was stoked, because I found a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch men's slouch jeans. (I had another pair my mom had found for me years before which I loved) 

I think I kept this pair of jeans hanging in my closet for the sole purpose of wishing-knowing that there was always the option to go back.  And I needed to hold onto that for a long time until I felt strong enough to know there was the least bit likelihood that I would revert back.

So this is now farewell, good riddance to this piece of clothing.  Though there isn't quite as much anguish as I thought there would be, it is still removing a part of your life-a symbolism of sorts.  I just hope now that whoever buys them does it for the right fit and not a yearning to be something they are not.

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p.s.-yes, this photo was staged-see the symbolism?


sarah (onedayiwillseethesun) said...

well done on giving the jeans away! I have given some of my clothes away I used to wear a lot of kiddy tops like hello kitty it wasn't just the size but the fact they are hello kitty. When I gave them away I actually felt a bit happy because I was finally becmoing a women yes a women at the age of 25. but slowly im getting their I still have some old clothes which I havent been able to give away i will at some point though!!

Louise said...

Well done. I have a similar post about my old clothes (
and im gradually getting round to getting rid of all the ill fitting clothes in my room!! It is a good feeling once you let them go, even if it is a little bit scary!
Again, well done and go treat urself with some new clothes!

Missy said...

Oh boy.
First? Kudos. Wow.

It's now my mission to let go.
So thank you. I can do without at least one of the 10 billion things in the closet that cause me stress. Ive done it before. Tis time to revisit.

Tiptoe said...

Good job Sarah and Louise! It's a tough thing but necessary sometimes.

Missy, glad that I've inspired you. You can do it!