Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Self diagnosing

Today was a bit of a ho-hum day.  Though I got a few things accomplished, there was still lots of things on my list untouched.  When stuff like this happens, I try not to get too bent out of shape, reminding myself that I can start afresh tomorrow.  Sometimes, this thinking works and sometimes not.

Then, this evening, I noticed two bumps in my mouth that I do not ever remember seeing before.  They were quite large and hard, and kind of freaked me out.  I ran to the bathroom to look at them.  Yes, they were they-it was not my imagination.  I kept thinking WTF are these?

*cue google*

Yes, I admit, I am a self-diagnoser for the most part.  Somehow, it comforts me to know if whatever bizarre, strange, out of the blue bump, lump, headache, fever, chills, whatever is benign or some life threatening disorder I really need to worry about.  Though for some just the act of searching google makes them feel even more nervous and worried.  I've always looked at it as being more the informed consumer, so that if I had to go to a Dr., I had all the information right there.  Some of my Drs. found this helpful (the ones that knew me well), but I'm sure there were others who may not have appreciated my fact-filled information.

So I looked up these hard bumps and came up with exostoses and toris.  Basically, these are bony growths/swellings, typically found in your mouth.  They're not harmful unless they cause problems with eating or if you had dentures, they wouldn't necessarily fit over them.  However, there is one instance where these growths are worrisome, and that is if they are an indication of a disease called Gardener Syndrome.  I won't go into those specifics, but it is rare.

I was certainly happy to have an idea what these bony structures were, but still, it left me thinking I had one more thing to possibly worry about.  I'm beginning to think that I am one big abnormality!  Seriously, right hand, right arm, bunions on both my feet, left toe sticks out which the podiatrist called a deformity, extra vertebrae, hmm what next?  I'm thankful that none of these affect me greatly, more or less just annoyances.

As I would tell anyone else in this situation, go to your Dr., or dentist in my situation, get checked out, make sure it is nothing, and then go on with the rest of your day.  I'll be calling my dentist in the morning.

Curious to know, are you a self diagnoser?  Or do you find searching more problematic and worrisome?

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Katie said...

I am a fiend for google, I have to look up everything! I feel like one big abnormality sometimes too. I also have a bumpy thing in my mouth where an infection used to be - it's all scar tissue now. I have a lump on my neck too, which is a calcified gland. Google is your friend ;) but so are doctors and dentists! I hope your dentist can set your mind at rest.