Sunday, March 14, 2010

Call me sexy!

As my last posts provided 6 lies, and 1 truth, here's the rundown:

1. I have been white water rafting on the New Gauley River in West Virginia.
Lie--I have never been white water rafting, but I think it would be a lot of fun. I have been to the New Gauley River, however.

2. My first English word was "dog."
Lie--This one was fairly easy if you've been reading my blog for some time. My first word English word was "kitty."

3. I have never killed any living creature intentionally.
Lie--This is mostly true, except for wasps and ants. There was a time hen I was younger I once stepped on a snail, because I was mad it would not come out of its shell.

4. I love watching fly fishing, golf, and baseball.
Lie--These three "sports" are probably the most boring things on earth for me to watch. I just cannot get into them at all. I think I'd probably be horrible at all of them too. I always sucked at miniature putt-putt, though I do find that a fun activity.

5. I have an affinity for wearing skirts and high heel or cowboy boots.
Lie--I am much more comfy in jeans, sweaters, fleece, long-sleeve shirts and tennis shoes. I rarely wear a dress/skirt unless I have to.

7. I can whistle loudly using a blade of grass, as well as through my teeth.
Lie--I wish I had this talent, but unfortunately, I do not. I can barely do a simple whistle. I'm always impressed at people who can do this naturally.

6. I used to love all thing silk--bedsheets, blouses, scarves, string bikini underwear. I was voted "sexy" by my friends.
Truth--I know this seems a bit strange which was one reason why I put it in there. When I was younger, like middle school/early high school, I used to love the feel of silk things. I adored my silk bed sheets, pillows, blouses, tank tops, etc. Several of my friends though tit was really funny and so unusual of me to wear string silk bikini underwear, but I did. There wasn't anything sexual about it really, just that I liked the feel of them. Later, I realized they were very impractical and have switched to mostly cotton with a few pairs of silk bikini type as well. Because of this, they voted me as "sexy" as well as for whatever reason thinking I would be the first person to get laid or something. Mind you, this wasn't a school thing, just several friends of mine. And I seriously doubt I won out on that bet either.

Thanks for everyone who commented. It's always interesting to see what people think. Sarah, you have good guessing skills! As your prize, if you care to take it is this. It is not much and you may already have one, but I think they are really cute and comforting. I think it is fun to pass down to people, especially young children.


Cammy said...

FYI The worry doll you sent me several years ago has always had a place of honor on my nightstand, as a reminder to chill out on hard days. =)

Lou Lou said...

haha awesome! i bet you could do the grass thing if you practise.
i cant do the splits... but i am going to practise every day!!! how cool, iv always wanted to be able to do it! then maybe ill get voted sexy by my friends haha

Sarah said...

Ahh! I just noticed this post. It didn't come up in my reader! I'm SO EXCITED I won!! Do you want me to just email you my address?