Sunday, August 9, 2009

Variety of photos from the week

More posts to be written soon, but here are some random photos and videos from the past few weeks. Right now, I'm having an insect fetish, so I keep taking close up pictures.

I think this is a great green bush cricket Video of how loud it was

Not sure what kind of bug this is


Baxter's sutures

Yellow Watermelon


Cute video of Bischon Elvis and Tovah playing. Note at the end, when Tovah is running towards the camera, barking, it is because she sees me from the window.


Eating Alone said...

Great now I want a dog :-)

The big dog seem's be a sweetheart.

Kim said...

Yellow watermelon?!

I love your picture posts :)

Tiptoe said...

Eating Alone, I thought you wanted a cat? Either one or any animal can be helpful in recovery.

The big dog is s till a puppy--a little over 9 months.

Kim, the first time I tried yellow watermelon was in Pensacola. It was sweeter than the pink kind. This one I got wasn't as good though, but oh well.