Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bad day but good karma seems to exist

I hate to sound whiny in this post, but I just need to sort of vent. It was just one of those days where things seemed to go from worse to even worse. First, I woke up to major thunderstorms. The thunder was so loud and the vibration so jarring that it perked up my deaf dog's ears, Daphne. Tovah barked, not sure what the sound was or where it was coming from. To a dog, thunder must be a very puzzling noise from above.

I had my physical therapy appointment for my neck which does seem to be improving, though deep tissue massage is quite painful! Afterwards, I took Baxter to the vet to get some boils/cysts on his stub and new lumps looked at. The boils which turned into cysts looked like they could either be drained or removed. But this other lump was suspicious to me as the size seemed to change, Baxter was licking at it some, and it was not very detached from the skin like a fatty tumor.

The vet did a needle aspiration and looked at it under the microscope. Suspicion confirmed: it is a
mast cell tumor. MCTs are common in dogs and very prevalent in Boxers, though they do seem to have a lower grade. Thursday, he will get that removed, a biopsy done, and sent to histology for staging. I am hopeful it will only be a stage 1. Though my demeanor has always been to wait until a firm diagnosis and prognosis is made, it is still hard to think that this could be potentially harmful for my furkid. I already have some thoughts as to course of treatment if it is greater than a stage 1 which includes a more holistic/complimentary approach through supplements and nutrition, as well as necessary short-term medication if needed.

The rain continued all day. In the afternoon, I lost power for a few hours. By the time, I left for work in the afternoon, I had forgotten how high the water could get, especially on country roads where I live. I hit some major water problems and almost panicked at the thought that my car was not going to get through the water. I called my boss and told her I'd try to get to work, but it was no guarantee. Every route I tried was blocked with water. Then, I could not get home and had to sit with several other cars waiting for the water to recede.

One water blockage had receded, and I got the gumption to try it after seeing another car my size go through okay. The second one, however, was deeper, and all I could do was hold my breath that my car would not stall. Weather conditions like this or snow/sleet while driivng just panic me.

I got home, and within a few minutes, the power came back on. So, I guess I had some good karma.

Rundown of crappyness today:
Lots of rain/thunder/lightning
Baxter's MCT
Me not eating breakfast
Weather causing major flood problems, almost not getting home
Power out

Rundown of positives:
We did need the rain, maybe not quite tihs much though.
Baxter didn't shed all over the place at the vet's. It's not his favorite tihng, and he shakes, sheds, and pants
I ate lunch and a snack later, so my day was not ruind by not eating breakfast
My car got through the flood puddle
A neighbor from up the road was courteous enough to follow behind me as I drove through the water to make sure I was okay.
Power came back on

Whew, it's been a long day. Now, I need to go work on therapy stuff, write a blog post for another blog, book tickets for a flight, and call a friend later tonight.


Kim said...

Definitely sounds like "one of those days." I usually end up throwing my arms up in the air and hoping I sleep well so the next day is less chaotic ;)

Eating Alone said...

Ok sorry, I'm going to go into "guy" mode here. Have you checked you oil? Driving through standing water you can get water in the oil, if that happens it can cause a real problem.

Sorry you day was bad, I'll send good thoughts to B.

Tiptoe said...

Kim, throwing hands in the air is a good mental image. :-)

Eating Alone, no, I have not checked my oil. I am making an appt. next week to get an oil change. So far, I have not seen any problems with driving it.

Cammy said...

Oh man. I'm sorry yesterday was one hit after another. Please keep us updated on Baxter, hopefully it will just be Stage 1. He'll definitely be in my thoughts this week.

I hope you are taking it easy today after such a stressful Tuesday!

Eating Alone said...

Thanks for the link to the Men with ED /uk. It's got some good stuff on it. The whole guy mentality though play's totaly into ED - or at least the way that I was raised. Very closed off from my feelings and letting any of them out. That's what I'm working on now. T say's good I'm hitting around age 10 in learning how to process emotions. I think I drive her to a shrink sometimes. Anyway It's great talking about ED, it makes it much easier to do the right thing.

Erika said...

Tiptoe, I hope you are doing ok. I know this was really a rough go at a day for you, and I just want to let you know I am still thinking of you and hoping that you are hanging in there.

This too shall pass. Keep venting; it's good for the soul and keeps the ed at bay.

Tiptoe said...

Cammy and Erika, thanks for your thoughts. I'm doing okay. Waiting is hard though.

I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I know anything. Look in twitter first if you are following me.