Sunday, August 9, 2009

Art and DID

Super tired but read this article on a woman, Kim Noble of London, with DID. She is using art as a way of therapy to help cope with her 12 different personalities. She says that "Painting is a way that some of the personalities can come together so it has really helped me. It is something many of them have in common and a way for them to bond".


Eating Alone said...

There is this one she does some paintings and put's them up on her blog. My T wanted to get me with an art therapist that does these body molding's of a person and uses the computer to show your body in a 3d type setting so your can see yourself. That sounded way cool, but she doesn't work with public just with one of the ED centers. Oh well. One of my homework's was to draw myself, as a kid, using my less dominate hand. That was silly at first but turned into a blast! She say's I need to let my inner child have more fun.

Kim said...

I did some art therapy in treatment, but I kept giggling. I couldn't really get into it. I've seen pieces done by other artists though and I think they're amazing! Probably just depends what you're into :)

Anonymous said...

I am not that great at drawing but I love photography. In recovery I've really thrown myself into it and even created my own website!

French Toast said...

I can't imagine she has a very healthy system if she has to "cope" with her others. My best friend and lifemate is part of a multiple system and had a lot of trouble with the idea that multiplicity is a "disorder". I wish the best of luck to her others and hope that they'll be able to either kick her out or teach her that they aren't a disorder.

French Toast said...

Crap, I forgot the link. Sorry about that.

Tiptoe said...

Eating Alone, yes, Stellarscar does some great artwork--conveys a lot of emotions in her pieces.

Working on inner childwork can be therapeutic and helpful, so see what happens with it.

Kim, how come I can imagine you giggling? LOL

Anon, you have some great photography on your site. I think photography is a wonderful avenue for recovery.

French Toast, I'm sure coping is difficult for her, but hopefully, she'll come to a place of peace.

Thanks for the link, interesting takes on DID.

ghost girl said...

Wow, i am so flattered to be mentioned here!! I have been out of the internets for about 5 days so I'm a little late to this post.

I think art as therapy is something worth a TRY for everyone but it may not WORK for everyone. I think it is like learning styles, you know? But to be honest, I have really had to be careful not to use my art as a way to avoid real life. It can be therapy, but it can twist into the disease, also.

For children it may be more beneficial than for adults, since they are usually more expressive and less concerned with "form."

Well I am going to go read the article now, i just wanted to comment! Great post, I love reading about this subject.

Tiptoe said...

Ghost Girl, totally agree with you that it does depend on the person.

I can definitely see how it could hinder "living" a life. I'm glad you are keeping it in check though!

Yes, it can be therapeutic for children. I have a friend who does art therapy on the peds ward at the hospital. I know both she and them find it very valuable.