Monday, March 23, 2009

Misjudging consequences

In my last post, I talked about how we don't always think about the consequences of our actions. Case in point: SPEEDING!

Scenario: I was driving tonight, going to get gas and stop by the store. It was 11:00 PM at night, and I really wasn't paying attention to the speed limits, not that I was recklessly driving but faster than the posted sign. The speed limit goes from 55 to 45 in like 0.2 mile, and normally, yes, I slow down. I just wasn't thinking about it despite seeing another car pulled over. I kind of thought, "oh, that car got pulled over." By the way, in this intersection everyone speeds. Not that it is justified, it's just what happens.

The cop guy pulled me over, asked for license, registration, insurance card. I had all the above but realized I had not put my new registration in the glove compartment. I had the old one and hoped he might glance over the expiration of almost two months. He didn't. Then, he asked about my plates. They are out of state plates which I've had since I have lived here. He said they needed to be transferred over to the actual state I live in, even though I pay taxes here. I was surprised by this, because no one has ever told me this, not even the other dog trainer who is a sergeant!

I waited for him to get all the info which felt like an eternity, just sitting there. He finally got back to me, said he'd cite me for speeding, not the license plate transfer, and ended with, "drive safely, have a nice night." Yeah, buddy, okay, whatever.

After that, I got gas and drove home. The funny thing is that another car was pulled over right after me! Obviously, this cop was hell bent on citing everyone for speeding. I keep wondering where is the cop who should be pulling over people for going through red lights in broad daylight which I've seen happen too many times.

This is just one of those moments where you accept the consequences and move on. Though of course if I'd been thinking about the consequences, then I wouldn't have been speeding or gotten a ticket. Or if I had just gone home and decided not to get gas, I wouldn't have been in this predicament. All those what ifs. Sometimes life just sucks that way. I'll pay the fine, do some online driving course, and be done with it. It's all I can really do. That and not beat myself up over it like I have in the past. There's no changing the past here.

What a lovely way to end the week/begin the new one.


Kim said...

Oh, I hate cops sometimes, even when I'm in the wrong. I got pulled over for expired tags not long ago (had just forgotten to put mine on...UGH). That was not fun. I feel your pain. Like you said, all you can really do is move on. Sounds like you handled it ok!

Kara said...

Ugh, I'm sorry you got pulled over. I got a speeding ticket once and the experience isn't fun. I had to go to traffic school! Ha. (Although, I'm a nerd I guess, because I actually found traffic school quite interesting.)

This story reminds me of a lesson that someone has been trying to teach me, that you can choose your choices, but you can't choose the consequences.

Tiptoe said...

Kim and Kara, thanks for sharing your experiences. It's been a long time since I've ever been pulled over, so it wasn't a pleasant thing. Actually, I think I was more pissed off than anything since I think this cop must have been trying to reach his quota or something. 3 people in the same intersection in 15 minutes?

I'll pay the fee ASAP and hopefully do the driving school thing. They have online ones now, so I'm hoping that I can do that.

Lissy said...

i got pulled over and had NO id. i'd had my license, registration and insurance card in the glove apartment.

when the cop pulled me over there was NOTHING in the glove compartment. (i sometimes leave my car open at work. someone must have broken in.)

the cop thought i'd stolen the car.

i finally convinced him (not such a nice guy, i must say!) i was me, but he gave me one WHOPPING ticket.

i was so nervous. my heart pounded until the next day.

Tiptoe said...

Lissy, what an awful scenario. Explaining who you are to a cop does not sound pleasant. Those are the moments you feel like pleaing.

Anonymous said...

Ughhh, I am so sorry that you got a ticket. I got one (my first) last year speeding through a school zone. Going the same speed as everyone in front of me, but, I got busted for it. It was like: nevermind the people blowing stop signs and red lights, let's give the tickets to broke college kids on their way to class!
I did the "driving class" which was humiliating and annoying. But at least my insurance didn't skyrocket. Hopefully you can do the same!

Tiptoe said...

Well, I did sign up for the edriving course. It is incredibly cheesy with talking bobbleheads, hula girls, and tree scented air fresheners.