Monday, July 14, 2008

Cool sighting

I recently talked about Natural Highs and had an interesting sighting yesterday. I was at work, picking
up a branch that had fallen into the paddock. Then I see this.

Upon closer inspection, I realize it is a bird just sitting on top of the fence. And actually, there are two of them. I honestly could not tell if these birds were really alive until one slightly moved its head. Since these birds literally stayed there the entire day, I was also to snap these photos in the afternoon.

The interesting thing about this is that I was incredibly close to these birds.

Of course dumb me tried to cut off that leaf in front of the bird to get a better picture and accidentally touched one of the birds who then happened to fly away. I could tell he was pissed as seen in this photo. I told him he could go back to sitting with its mate, but he just scoffed at me and pouted. I guess I ruined his day.

Here's a picture o the other bird who remained sitting there.

There isn't a real rhyme and reason to this post other than this was a cool sighting. The birds weren't spectacular looking or anything, but just the fact that I was inches away from them was an awesome feeling. I love how sometimes I'm able to be that close to nature.


April D said...

It IS still amazing to get that close to birds though so I understand posting about it. I was sitting on our little back deck two days ago and a tufted tit mouse braved the feeder that was like 3 feet from my head! I froze and watched him take a seed; look at me; stuff the seed between his feet to eat it and then flutter off. It was amazing! :D

Tiptoe said...

April, thanks for commenting. I'm glad to know there is someone else who shares the same excitement in getting so close to animals. That is really cool the tufted tit mouse came so near you!