Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Teeth issues don't go away

Yesterday's dental appointment wound up disasterous. First, I was 20 minutes late, having gotten lost going a different way or a way that I thought was the right way. By the time, I arrived, I figured I would have to reschedule. But they allowed me to have my dental cleaning since the person who was after me never confirmed her appt.

This appt. was a basic cleaning-no big deal, right?  At the end of my appt., the hygienist said there was a shadow on one of my upper teeth.  She went ahead and did an x-ray.  When the dentist came in, it was confirmed a large cavity.  Then, I had the dentist look at this one place on my upper gum line that has been irritated for months.  When I last asked about this, she said she did not see anything but some trauma.

Well, a new x-ray showed a massive infection there.  Ugh!  I knew something was not right there.  Several weeks ago, I even had a few blood-like blisters.  So the treatment is either a root canal to save the tooth or remove the tooth.  If I remove the tooth, there would be no teeth left on my left upper side which seems like a horrible option.  But then, if I go with the root canal and crown option, I will max out my dental benefits for the year and would owe about $1,000.  Apparently, they can make it slightly cheaper for me by only doing part of the crown, then waiting until after the first of the year to do the rest.  

To be honest, neither option sounds great.  I know in my last post about my dental problems, I sounded pretty good and tried to make a point for others not to follow in my footsteps.  But yesterday and today, I just feel upset about it.  It's like my teeth issues will never get better and will likely just go with me to my grave.  I know that sounds so morbid, but I just feel like I never get  a break.  I've put off some of the major procedures simply because they are too financially costly--think at least 3 implants and  new bridge.  

There is something else with all of this that runs in the back of my mind.  If my teeth are this bad as a major consequence of purging, imagine if I'd been a multiple-a-day purger.  My guess is that I wouldn't have any teeth left at all.  

For now, I'm on antibiotics for the infection and will go back to he dentist in a few weeks for the root canal.  In some ways, I feel like not saving this tooth, but I hate feeling toothless too.  Argh, what a horrible conundrum!  I hope others do not face my plight!


Sensory Overload said...

It is a horrible conundrum. I'm sorry that you are finding yourself in this predicament. Unfortunately, I find myself with similar issues. Throughout the years I've had 4 teeth yanked and ideally would like to get implants, but that cost factor is eye bugging.

Whether it is through purging, restricting or poor nutrition because of an eating disorder, this is one of those areas that I know those of us who have dealt or deal with more likely than not have shame about. I'm grateful for what I do have, but there is no guarantee that they will stick around even with the best of oral care.

I hope that you are able to find some relief from the pain and irritation. Infections hurt! As well, I hope you'll be able to find ways that will help you feel better about where you are finding things at. I say go for the option that they provided. It's not an easy decision to make when you throw in the factor of $, but that is just a fraction of the situation. You deserve to care for you. The investment is worth it because it comes down to putting your needs in front.

Do be well.

With light. :)

I Hate to Weight said...

i hate teeth issues. sorry you're going thru this. hope it's all as painless as possible.

i have lots and lots of dental issues myself. my employers wonder why i'm always running to the dentist.

sometimes, i regret the past, but all i can do is deal with the present. toothily.

good luck with your decisions and your dental work!

Kaylee said...

I'm so sorry about your teeth. It must be frustrating since you are so far in recovery and doing all the right things, but these problems are still plaguing you. The unexpected damage from eating disorders is the worst - for me, it was my eyes not my teeth. Good luck in getting through this!

Katie said...

I have the teeth of doom too - almost as many fillings as teeth, two extractions and two root canals. And I've never purged, it was just bad genetics and poor nutrition. So I feel your pain! I'm sorry you have to deal with this. It's fine to feel sorry for yourself about it for a bit, it's bad luck. One of my friends who used to purge upwards of 10 times a day has no problems with her teeth - it's one of those horrible things where the genetic lottery meets circumstances, sometimes with devastating consequences!

I hope you decide on the best solution soon :)

Midnitefyrfly said...

I share your feelings. My teeth are bad from genetics, poor care as a child, meth, and now poor nutrition from my gastric bypass surgery. I have had 6 pulled in the last 2 years and whats left is a mess! I have a crack in my front tooth that has me incredible insecure. I could go on and on, but I just wanted you to know you are definitely not alone, and the decisions about what to do about it now are not easy ones, emotionally or financially.

Sending lots of ((HUGS)) of support because I know how you feel about your teeth.

Bianca said...

It doesn't help to know that a lot of people have it worse than you. But at least you already know what's going on with your teeth, and that all available options have been laid out for you. You just have to choose. Good luck with your teeth!

- Bianca Jackson

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Anonymous said...

I'm an anorexic and have the same issues due to malnutrition. I need at least 4 crowns and a bridge and like you I can only get things done partially and wait until the next year for insurance to kick in again. I always thought teeth issues were a bulimic issue. Proved myself wrong didn't i.

Shivani Batra said...

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Jamar Schaffer said...

I thought I have an infection yet, but I’ve been experiencing a few blood blisters when I brushed my teeth too. I used to have a regular check up and cleaning every six months, but that stopped two years, since I started working and got caught up with the busy schedule. Lately, I’ve been experiencing mild pain and tooth sensitivity. So, I have to find time to reunite with my dentist.

Jamar Schaffer

Gus Eckles said...

Maybe those procedures you’ve put off until the end are the reason for all your dental plights? Your teeth issues won’t go away until the right treatment or procedures are done. They may be expensive, but at least you won’t have to worry about your teeth issues "going with you to your grave." Gus @

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Dentist in Phoenix said...

Teeth issues are tough, I deal with them so I understand completely