Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dog-filled weekend

Quick post here. I will have more of substance soon. This weekend was rather "doggy." I went to an agility trial last Friday to watch a friend run her poodle, and also to check out this facility. It may be one I join.  The poodle on the right is the one my friend ran.  The gray poodle, she performs in Rally.

On Saturday, I went to a big dog show with a friend. Unfortunately, this was the hottest day! We mostly watched obedience and browsed the vendors, then chilled back at her house.  I fell in love with this 25 lb. Border Collie, belonging to my friend's friend.  Apparently, the woman who had this dog said she was the dumbest dog she ever had, and she couldn't get her to stop jumping, etc.  One day, my friend's friend (also a trainer) told the woman the day she wanted to give her up to let her know. About two weeks later, the woman called her, and gave her up.  This is her third home as a rescue and her last.  She was such a darling. After watching the agility trial, it really made me want to have a bit of a "push button" dog to run with.  Yes, BCs come in this size!

Over at my friend's house, our dogs had a great time playing which was a big thing for my friend's dog reactive dog. Last time, he met Tovah, it wasn't the most pleasant experience. My friend's done a lot of work since then, and it showed. Everyone has a wonderful time!   Here's a group shot.  Her two dogs are the Cattle Dog X and the Fox Houndish X.  The red dog farthest right is a dog that my friend was taking care of.  It is sad, she is only 4 years old and has glaucoma.  She lost an eye last year, and is adjusting to her near loss of sight.  She is a sweet girl and love dogs.

Then, on Monday, I walked with a friend and her JRTs at a nearby park. We had a late lunch afterwards where I had an amazing grilled hummus foccacia wrap! I'm seriously thinking about buying stuff to make this sans the cheese.

These are my friend's two JRTs.  The one on the left is 14 years old and still trucking along.  The one one the right is 3 yrs old.  He is a smooth-coated JRT.  He did confirmation (though finished now), earth dog (dog run in through tunnels looking for the a specific animal scent, typically a rat scent is used.  This game mimicks the history of what many terrier type dogs were originally used for), and dock diving, his favorite.

Here is a photo of Tovah with the city background behind her.


Sarah @ Bearing, Eating, Being said...

CUTE photo! I love the dog-filled weekend :) We have a lot of those with our pet sitting business! My favorites are the small dog weekends. Last weekend we had two bichons (Java and her buddy) and the weekend before, we had Java, a maltipoo, and a yorkie. I'm such a small dog person, but every time you post a picture of Tovah, I want to meet her. She seems so intelligent and well-trained. The border collie is really cute too. That's sad that this was her THIRD home! Fun post.

Tiptoe said...

Sarah, yeah, I can imagine how much fun you had with Java and her small dog friends. I think you would love Tovah. She truly has not met a stranger.