Sunday, February 6, 2011

Empowering myself

I had this conversation today with my mom's husband, M., this morning about work. Though part of what he said was hurtful, it was true too. Basically, he said I needed to stop whining/venting and do something about it. I kept reiterating that I have been which I felt like he was not hearing at all. It is true I have made some other contacts and begun to look around. But at the same time, one of the most essential things I need to do, I have not done. I really need to know for sure, on a dime, what my exact rights are here in this state (all states are different with employment laws). I did an internet search and found several that specifically work in employment law, so e-mailed one. Most will do free initial consultations, so I should be okay there in regards to fees.

I know I will feel better once this is done, because then I can stop doubting everything. And I guess in a sense it is empowering. I just hate the fact that it seems the only way I can "empower"/do this type of thing is when I feel angry about something which isn't always the best thing either. :sigh: I just hope this lawyer tells me what I need to know and also is kind of nice too.

p.s. When I think more about this, I'm always advocating for being an informed consumer, so really this should not be any different.

p.p.s. To those who have helped, thanks bunches. You know who you are.


I Hate to Weight said...

is there a new development? maybe i missed a blog? has something new happened that you feel you need an attorney?

so sorry you're dealing with this.

Sarah said...

Is there an update? I agree with M that it's time to act. I'm sorry that I know it is ridiculously stressful TO act...

Tiptoe said...

Melissa, no new development except for a specific incidence about a month ago.

Sarah, I'm hoping this week to know more. Yes, it IS stressful.