Saturday, January 8, 2011

Body aches

Last fall, I wrote a post debating on whether to join a local running group around here. Ultimately, I decided no for a variety of reasons. In general, the past year, I have done zero running. Actually, I've done like zilcho strenuous exercise at all. It hasn't been all bad (though my bp was up at my last dr.'s appt--like the highest it's ever been.) but I've felt a bit of a nostalgic pull towards running again. So I decided with the new year beginning, this would be a good opportunity to start. Nothing major like when I was training for marathons a few years ago, but maybe in the half marathon training mileage range.

Last weekend, I took Tovah out with me to a local park/arboretum. This was only going to be a "let's see where Tiptoe is in fitness" type run. Seriously, no full out running, just simple jogging. Well, Tovah had her own agenda and went out faster than I wanted. Still, the run itself was not long at all; however, my body was a bit achy the next few days.

Part of the purpose of this run too was to see how my hip and back would fair. I haven't talked about my hip on here, but it has been bothering me for like a year maybe? (I know head in shame for waiting for so long) finally saw my doctor before Christmas to get a few referrals, including therapists as a "just in case"/keep in the back of my pocket list. My self-diagnosis which is sometimes right, sometimes wrong is bursitis.

My dr. referred me to a comprehensive chiropractor. Now, I'm not against chiropractor's, but it seems that people either love them or hate them. This clinic does include massage and physical therapy, so that could prove to be helpful. My biggest snag is finding a way to fit it into my work schedule without having to take sick leave. I've always tried hard to work any appointment around my work schedule, so sick leave could always be used for when I really needed it. So far, I am not having much luck, so I may have to try another route completely.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is about body aches. I'm only three decades old, and sometimes feel like my body is way older than it should be. But then again, it has endured more wear and tear than it should have too. So, essentially, this is when I and anyone else in this situation must proceed with caution.


Missy said...

Kudos for taking care of yourself and seeing the Dr.(even though you waited for a while).


Tiptoe said...

Thanks Missy. Now, I'm deciding where to go from here. I think I will not likely go to the chiropractor but see an ortho. Got a few names as well as a personal trainer who does sports conditioning/post physical therapy rehab.