Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby shower update

First off, thanks for the supportive comments, everyone. It is always nice to know that I am not the only one who has difficulty with these things.

Overall, the baby shower went okay. There were about 25 or so people plus some kids. The majority there were people my friends knew from church. People seemed to pick a table and sit. I sat with this one woman who I introduced myself to. I think she felt awkward due to my hand and didn't speak to me after that. Others sat at the table, including my friend's husband. That got the ball rolling in talking. Many asked how I knew my friend. In some ways, it felt awkward to say I'd known her for 14 years online first, then met her in person a few months ago. But at the same time, it's a cool story too.

I don't know if I truly hit it off with anyone, but there was one woman who was interesting to talk to. She did missionary work in China for 3 years. She now helps with some of the college students who come from China with becoming acquainted here.

Food wise, it was pretty simple--a veggie/fruit tray, crackers/dip, cake, and punch. There were no games at this shower, just watching the opening of gifts. And that was it. It was simple and nice. We were all there to support the couple, and that was all that counted. As this is their first child, the next 6 weeks will be busy, followed by the next 4-6 months of no sleep. So this was like the last time some of us might see them for awhile.


Angela said...

I'm glad that it went well. I like when there are no games. Those always make me uncomfortable. hope you have a great week!

Missy said...

Simple and Nice.
(Your words)
I like that.

I feel like i missed something....what's going on with your hand?

Tiptoe said...

Angela, thanks, hope your week goes well too!

Missy, I have a condition called macrodactylism. I talk about it briefly in this post:
Some people still get weirded out by it, but the majority of people are not bothered by it.

Dovenoir said...

You weren't the only one who was nervous... I still haven't been able to write about the shower ;)