Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rolling along and Happy 4th!

First off, I want to wish all US readers a Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone has fun and stays safe, especially as it is a prime target for underage binge drinking, accidents on the road, and your pet running away.

I myself don't have many plans but to get stuff done and possibly catch up on some of my dvds from oh say last year. That's one thing about having long hours with a job--you really feel a need to play catch up on any day off/holiday off you may have. I'm still asking myself how people keep up! And sadly, I am missing my computer time, albeit, it is good that I'm not on the computer so much. Still, I miss staying caught up on all the latest research, blog entries, feeling in the loop, etc. There truly is not enough time in the day. Okay done whining.

If you've read my blog long enough, you know holidays are just not a big thing for me, and the 4th is included. Even with fireworks, I'm no longer ooohed and ahhhed over them. There was a time when I used to love seeing the fireworks displays. Years ago, when my dad was living in Northern VA, we went to D.C. and watched fireworks set off over the Pentagon. I distinctly remember one shot of fireworks exploding in the air just as a an airplane was passing over. I thought it was an absolutely gorgeous scene.

Now, I'm just glad when they are over. Over the years, I've gone more into more of a "mommy" mode after observing how so many dogs become scared with the loud noise. As Hank's gotten older, he's become slightly more storm-scared and just doesn't handle the loud noises as well. Where we lived before, our neighbor used to practice target shooting. As soon as Hank heard that, he'd run inside. I think part of this was due to getting shot in the flank, at least this is what I was told at one point long ago. Hank doesn't go frantic with fireworks or thunderstorms but he will lie close to me. Cammy's dog, G. who is staying with me while Cammy is on her research trip, is also not a fan of them and will lie near me as well. Though I do appropriate firework safety things for the dogs, it is still not an enjoyable time for them.

Supposedly, the really big shows were last night, but I know there will be many local ones for the next several days. So hopefully, everyone will just deal with it okay.

As for other news, work is busy with upcoming classes this month, a pet event next weekend where we are speaking, and the start of seminars and workshops soon. Boarding has a tentative beginning date of September, but we'll just have to see how everything goes. I'm still hoping I can go to my annual conference in October, but that's up in the air at the moment.

Lastly, I'm still itching from whatever bit me almost a month ago. I tried calling to see a doctor as I wondered whether this might be an allergic reaction, but there are no appts. available from several weeks out until October. Part of this is due to being a new patient versus an established one. Cross your fingers I can get in somewhere, because I've tried everything from benadryl spray and oral (can only take at night since it knocks me out otherwise) to clear finger nail polish to bag balm to anti-itch creams and none are working for long. It's now gotten to the point where I have developed bruises from scratching my legs and scratched skin off my finger and hand. I've truly never been this itchy before. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

Again, Happy 4th, do enjoy yourself and the holiday!

Below: Tovah, Hank, & Daphne showing their support for our troops. Clover giving her own shout out.


Cammy said...

Give G. a special hug for me, today is our 5 year anniversary and I miss him terribly! I know he is in excellent hands tho. :) Happy 4th!

Sarah said...

My dog ran away when I was 14 because of the fireworks :( My whole family was in Maine except for my dad who had to work. We lived on 8 acres in TN and the dogs roamed free on the property. Sadie ran away and never returned. I get nervous on the 4th too because of that. Overall, though, I LOVE holidays--all of them--and I just went to a very nice picnic.

I'm so sorry about the bite!! I don't have any suggestions beyond what you are already using...I hope you are able to find a solution BEFORE that doctor appointment as it sounds like no fun! Perhaps aloe would alleviate some of the itching?

Sarah said...

I was 11 when my dog ran away...sorry about the typo!

Kristina said...

I hope that you ended up having a good 4th. I love the photo of your dogs supporting the troops! I'm not a huge fan of fireworks, and I really hate big crowds, so that pretty much puts most firework shows far off of my preferences. I must be getting OLD because I really enjoy low-key holidays these days.

Anonymous said...

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Tiptoe said...

This is a bit late, but just wanted to thank all for the comments.

Cammy, I know you're gone, but G. got his hugs!

Sarah, so sorry about your dog. That's always a hard loss.
The bites are finally getting better. It's nice to not be constantly itching!

Kristina, I don't know if the holiday thing is an old thing or rather just a personality thing. I know other people my age who adore holidays.

Anonymous, thanks for sharing the link. It was an interesting video.