Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally, a few appointments made

I've been in this new area for 9 months now, and in that time, I finally made a few much needed appointments this week. First, I made an appointment with an optometrist. I don't have awful eyesight, but I do wear contacts, and my stash of those had dwindled to just one pair. I think I may have stretched this last pair for a month which isn't the most healthy thing to do.

The appointment went well, the optometrist was super nice. We decided to up my prescription by 0.25 and try a new lens, Biofinity. This lens is actually made to last a month and so far are very comfortable. I hardly notice they are there at all. Once I get these contacts ordered, then that will be it for a year unless I wind up with some major eye problem.

Then today, I saw a new internal medicine doctor. I originally made the appointment a few weeks ago when I was still itching, but the itching has finally ceased other than the mosquito bites I get upon forgetting Off! With the humidity here, the evening time is the absolute worst!

The appointment itself went okay--pretty much just going through paperwork and history. As I filled out the new patient info. prior to my appointment, I debated once again whether to disclose the ED stuff. I decided to wait and form an opinion about the doctor first.

She seemed okay--kind of on the hard side, asking very direct questions quickly. I really went back and forth on the issue of disclosure of the ED. I was not going to unless some problem arose, but literally right as I was leaving, I told her I was in recovery for an ED in a "oh by the way" fashion. She congratulated me, asked a few questions, said if I needed referrals she would be happy to give, and that was that.

Whenever I'm in this situation, I vacillate in telling. Part of me wants to erase the ED history, though it's still not far enough away in the past to delete. Another part of me feels like someone should know in case, well, something goes wrong, or I majorly relapse or something to that effect.

The thing is the ED should be something you can just say as if it was cancer, but there is always some negative connotation for me. I keep wondering if this is something I'll always think about. Will saying I dealt with an eating disorder for many years ever get easier? How far removed do I have to be?
In the end, I guess I'm glad I let her know, but still, it leaves me feeling off.

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