Monday, June 21, 2010

Busyness is all I can say

Just a quick post that life is really busy here. Last week, we started actual daycare at the facility, so my days now run from getting up at 5:15 AM and getting home anywhere from 6:30-9:00 PM with classes. By the time I feed and spend time with all my "children" aka 3 dogs and a bunny, it's pretty late, and I'm tired. This was my first actual weekend off in awhile, so I took advantage of it. Though I got a lot done, a few of the things I had expected to get done did not get done

I also added another "child" for the weekend, my vet's standard poodle. She was a great playmate for Tovah, but she decided to muddy herself in my "swamp" area aka the "pit" which was originally a place for an above ground pool. The problem is that it is not level, so when it rains,there is a huge puddle of water and dirt.

Added to all this is the fact that my AC is not working properly. I had a guy look at it last week and thought it was fixed but apparently not. This must get fixed as the temps are supposed to be in the 90s all week here. Summer is officially here, folks!

A few other things--I've been itching for the last week in a half. I thought it was just mosquito bites, but I think some were chigger bites! I even had bites on my ears! I finally broke down and bought some benadryl spray which has been helpful. Next time, I'll just put nail polish remover on them. Now, when I go out to do yardwork, I've learned I must spray myself with Off! to keep the bugs away.

Also, something a few of you might find funny is that a., my boss. has now decided that the behavioral staff at work can wear jeans instead of khakis. She realized that the khakis get very dirty. Inside a part of me was relieved, but at the same time slightly peeved since I bought 4 pair of khaki pants. Luckily, the one on backorder could be canceled.

A few of you may be wondering how Clover is adjusting. She is doing well overall. Her litterbox training is getting better. She's learned to target my fingers and a target stick and hop onto some things. We work daily on other things like body handling, sitting in my lap, etc. The dogs are doing well too. They watch her but that's all. Tovah has stopped always running to the gate when she hears Clover shredding paper/cardboard, making some loud noise, etc. I think everyone will eventually adjust.

Sorry that I haven't been around much on twitter, this blog, or commenting on other people's blogs. I do think about each of you and hope for the best in every situation you encounter. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up soon. Hugs to all!


Kim said...

What are chigger bites?? You have been one busy lady, with lots of things to deal with on the side of work -- pets, chigger bites, AC. You have really long work hours! I hope you are finding some downtime to relax. I'm glad to hear Clover is doing well!

Cammy said...

oooh I hate chiggers! Although the story that they are actually burrowed into your skin is a myth, they just bite you and release, although the bump they leave behind is annoying to be sure! I've gotten into several different kinds of them in the tropics and they're not fun. You're right, something alcohol-based like nail polish remover (I actually just use plain rubbing alcohol) is the best/fastest way to relieve them.

Kim: Chiggers are tiny little mites (more closely related to spiders than insects) that tend to hide in grass and bite you, leaving a VERY itchy red bump behind. They actually inject digestive enzymes into your skin to break down the cells, then suck them out with their little mouthparts before jumping ship.

Sarah said...

This didn't pop up in my reader--weird. I saw it on the ED Digest feed! I HATE chiggers!! I get them every time I do yard work. D NEVER gets them so he has taken over the yard work. We don't know why they like me better?? Maybe Cammy can answer this one. I am not complaining either way--I don't want to do yard work in the 90-95 degree weather either.

You have been extremely busy. Like Kim I hope you're getting some "you" time!

And that is extremely ironic re: the khaki pants. I thought khaki was a dumb choice for a dog related workplace but what do I know about the industry? Anyway, have a great week!!

Dr. Deb said...

5 to 9!???!!!

Those hours are brutal!

Tiptoe said...

Thanks for your sympathies everyone.
Kim, "me" time, sort of on the weekends at least.

Cammy, thanks for the good description of chiggers. I'm still dealing with them! I'm trying clear nail polish to see if that does anything. We'll see I guess.

Sarah, yes, chiggers are awful. And I learned from someone that Queen Anne's Lace is a prime target for them! I have one in my front flower beds.

I never understand those people who don't get bit by insects, because I always do.

Dr. Deb, it is long hours, that is for sure. At least the one until 9 is only one night a week right now. I just keep reminding myself, it will not be this way forever, hopefully, just as the business grows. Then, we can hire more people.