Thursday, July 30, 2009

Latest food craving

I'm short on time and a bit of blogging lately. This week has been crazy busy, and I'm having a tough time keeping track of everything I have to do. Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, I'll have a little more time to catch up on blogs, news, etc.

I leave you with my latest food craving of plums and nectarines.

In front are sweet flesh nectarines. I like to affectionately call "spaceship" nectarines. They are smaller than normal nectarines and are sweet. I tend to like nectarines much better than peaches. I think it is the "fuzz" texture I don't like in peaches. I guess I could never live in Georgia. ;-)

The plums to the left are sweet plums, branded as "
dino" plums. The ones on the right are golden plums. Both are good but the dino plums are sweeter. Though buying fruit doesn't seem like a big deal, these are definitely not things I customarily buy. However, I found myself craving them, therefore, I went ahead and bought them.


Kara said...


Kim said...

Yum :) I LOVE fruit!

Kristina said...

I'm totally with you on the peaches vs. nectarines debate. I love peaches that are IN something or used for something and I love the flavor, but the fuzzy texture is a bit much for me.
Great pictures!

Zandria said...

I think fruit is a GREAT thing to have a craving for!

Anonymous said...

I love and crave fruit, spend at least half my food budget on it, will go eat a nectarine right now.

Susie said...

Have you ever tried (or rather can you get) Greengages? or damsons? both part of the plum family. i managed to find some greengages yesterday. they're not overly common in the UK, at least not in supermarkets.

The victoria plum is the little oval shaped traditional plums that some lucky people have in their gardens over here. and if your lucky you'll find damsons growing in the hedge rows - in fact i might go investigate a tree i know - perhaps i should go now (7.30am)so knows sees what i'm doing & gets similar ideas, or maybe late at night once the wasps are sleeping!

are those white or yellow fleshed nectarines by the way?

i think i should find a course to study on fruit!

Tiptoe said...

Yeah to all you fruit cravers out there!

Susie, the nectarines in front are white flesh. I have never heard of Greengages or victoria. I think I've heard of damson though. I'll have to keep them in mind sometime and try them!

Wrapped up in Life said...

I think I have a serving (or two...or three) of fruit with EVERY meal! Yum!!!

Susie said...

i hope you can find som greengages over there, not sure they would ship well from the UK, sorry!