Monday, February 16, 2009

Model Sanctuary

The size zero debate has waned a bit since 2006, however, fashion week always resurfaces the issue of how thin is too thin. New York Fashion week just began Friday, so it's too early to tell how many rail thin models there may be walking down the runway. The last I had heard was that designers were choosing models who were maybe a size two or four rather than the infamous zero to wear their clothes. But beyond that and several basic guidelines drawn up, there hasn't been much done on a worldwide scale.

London, however, has made a bold move with their
model sanctuary which was established two years ago by supermodel Erin O'Connor. (On a side note, it is interesting, because she was quoted in other articles as saying she felt health checks would infringe upon model's dignity and rights) The model sanctuary, housed by a full-time nutritionist and psychologist, is a safe, confidential place where models can discuss issues relating to the modeling world such as eating disorders, stress, self-esteem problems, etc. The house is sure to provide plenty of food throughout the day as well.

Perhaps, others will begin their own model sanctuaries. At the London house, over a thousand models have walked through the doors. Models are obviously seeing the need and maybe beginning to take care of themselves as well.

Speaking of organizations, fellow blogger Kyla has co-founded the Healthy Models Coalition, an organization whose mission is to "fight against the symptoms, causes, stigmatization, and co-morbid conditions of eating disorders." Currently, their primary focus is passing legislation to mandate the industry have healthy models. I encourage you to check out the site and offer your voice as well.

On another interesting side note, it is apparent that Heidi Klum is not immune to attacks about her body. This article talks about how Klum is considered too fat for the runway. Hopefully, Heidi shrugs off these claims as she is in high demand in plenty of other areas in her life. This just reminds me how I never want to live a celebrity life, having your body scrutinized in every such way. No thank you to living under a microscope.


Gaining Back My Life said...

Too fat for the runway?

Do you remember the models of the 80's - Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, etc. - they had healthy bodies.

Sad to say, but I doubt things are going to change anytime soon.

Kara said...

The model sanctuary sounds like a good idea. I can't believe anyone would say that Heidi Klum is too fat. That's ridiculous, what is the world coming to?