Saturday, August 21, 2010

The story of the fence damage

In my last post, I'd tell you the mystery of the fence.  It's a bit interesting actually.  I began to believe there was more to the fence damage after someone pointed out to me these tracks:

My mother's husband and father was convinced the neighbor's had something to do with it, and that it has to have been from their yard.  The latter I do believe, but I was unconvinced on the former.

After speaking to them again, they too had been thinking about it.  And this is what we all came up with.  There had been an old car in their yard.  It was near their house and not that close to where the damage of my fence was.  A guy from up the road was going to buy the car, and was paying off on it in small increments.  He still owed $200 on the car, but instead just took the car a few weeks ago when neither the neighbor nor me was home.  The weird thing was the car did not even start, so somehow he had to have gotten it started.  So our thinking is that the car somehow rolled into the fence, damaging it.  He may have tried to put the fence back as well.

The neighbor said if they saw him, they would ask about it.  They really did feel awful about the fence damage, and their loss of $200.  I do not know this neighbor formally, only that he stopped by my house one day while I was coming back from work. Our brief exchange was him telling me that at one point he had wanted to buy my house, but it was too late.  Then, he asked if my car was for sale which was a bit odd. ;-/

The good news is that the fence is now at least temporarily fixed.  In a weird twist of fate, last weekend, there was a guy up the road who was having a yard sale.  He had a large outdoor chain link dog kennel for $125, a great price for its size!  My mom and her husband bought it for me, then we zip tied the panels.  The funny thing is that the guy selling it was telling me how if I put the dog kennel up before winter, throw some hay in, it would be a nice place for the dogs.  My reply was that my dogs are indoor dogs. However, what did come to mind was that I could actually use this for Clover!  It would be a good way to let her roam outside in a safe enclosure that is high enough for her not to jump out of! (yes, she jumps on my dining room table!)

I called my insurance and got an estimate--$681.26.  The only problem is that my deductible is $1,000, so they would cover nothing.  Right now, I'm not going to worry about it too much.  It is stable and repaired for now, and when I have extra money, I'll repair it--about four feet of fencing will be needed.

That is the story of the fence damage.  It is nice to know there is a logical explanation for it, and it is likely that no one was trying to actually pull up on the fence.  I can now breathe a little sigh of relief, though I do admit the guy who stole the car still kind of gives me the heebee jeebies.

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